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Happy Birthday, Aleh Chiritso!

Today, his birthday said the head of the national team of Belarus Weightlifting Oleg Chiritso. European champion (1995), silver (1994) and bronze medalist (1993). Winner of the bronze medal in the clean and jerk world championship (1995). The press service of the national team congratulates

Happy Birthday, Artem Danylchyk!

Today, his birthday is celebrated member of the national team Artem Danilchik. European champion among young men to 15 years old (2015). Champion of the Republic of Belarus (2016, 2017, 2019), silver medalist (2015). The press service of the national team congratulates Artem Happy Birthday, He wishes good

Happy Birthday, Igor Revutsky!

Today celebrates its birthday physician Igor women's national team Revutsky. Under his guidance it was conquered many awards. Aramnov became the Olympic champion in Beijing 2008. Vadim Streltsov became world champion in Houston 2015. Daria Naumova won the silver medal of the Games in Rio 2016. BUT

Andrei Aramnau : "Transferring the Olympics - it means, I'm a very lucky man "

About three weeks ago, the Olympic champion in weightlifting Aramnov injured while performing jerk with weight 170 kg and only recently returned to training. At full recovery before the Olympic Games in Tokyo as planned earlier periods have not enough time Aramnau, so his reaction to the transfer of the competition should not be surprised.

Happy Birthday, Lyudmila Psyschanitsa!

Today, his birthday is celebrated world-class athlete Lyudmila Psyschanitsa. Bronze medalist of European championship (2017). European champion among youth (2019), silver medalist (2018). European champion among juniors (2017). Bronze medalist of the World Championship among juniors

Shershukov of coronavirus: "I know, that in some countries, the team disbanded, but we - the full mobilization "

The head coach of men's national team of Belarus in weightlifting Victor Shershukov spoke on the theme of coronavirus. Viktar Shershukou. Photo: the press service of the national team - Our plan is to prepare for the Olympics, nothing changes. Preparing for European Championship