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In Novopolotsk said goodbye to Viktor Shershukov

yesterday, 9 October, at the stadium “Atlas” in Novopolotsk said goodbye to the head coach of the men's weightlifting team Viktor Shershukov. His disciples also came to accompany their mentor to the last: Andrei Aramnau , Vadzim Straltsou, Anna Batyushko, Gennady

Farewell to Viktor Shershukov will be held 9 October

Honored coach of Belarus Viktor Shershukov will be buried in Novopolotsk. The farewell ceremony will take place 9 October from 12:30 to 13:30 at the Atlant stadium, г.Новополоцк, Molodejnaya street, 49BUT. The head coach of the men's national team died yesterday at the age of 68.

Died Viktor Shershukov

Today, Head coach of the men's national team Viktor Shershukov died at the age of 68. Recently struggled with cancer. Born 27 February 1953 , in Khabarovsk (RSFSR). Honored Coach of Belarus. In the national team - with

Happy Birthday, Natalia Sheleg!

Master of Sports Natalya Sheleg celebrates her birthday today. Member of the national team. Bronze medalist of the European championship among girls. Champion of Belarus and winner of the Cup. The press service of the national team congratulates Natalya on her birthday and wishes her good health,

Happy Birthday, Tatiana Stukalova!

Today, his birthday is celebrated bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Athens Tatiana Stukalova. On account of one of the first prominent Belarusians in the bar many awards. AT 1991 , Tatiana became the bronze medalist of the USSR Championship, and after

Diana Minkova: the national championship was a very important start

The weightlifting championship of Belarus, which ended in Stayki, brought 31 national record. Mostly youth and junior. Against the background of, that representation in some weight categories (including girls) turned out to be the highest