Belarusian weightlifters are preparing for the World Cup (video)

Belarusian weightlifters are preparing for the World Cup, which kicks off next week in Thailand.

The first group of athletes will go to the tournament tomorrow. Total coaching staff included in the 13 athletes. Among them - the Olympic champion Andrei Aramnau , silver medalist of the Games Daria Naumova, European champions Henadz Laptseu and Eugene Tihontsov and the other titled athletes.

Head coach of men's weightlifting team of Belarus Viktar Shershukou:

how many medals? Can, none. We, in such sports as judo, light and heavy athletics, football – any medal at the World Championships – a feat!

Olympic champion in weightlifting Aramnov:

At this time, we hope for a medal. Because if you set the task to perform at the Olympic Games, then at the World Cup you have to become a medalist or show very good results.

Notably, because of the doping scandal at the World Cup does not perform the hosts competitions, weightlifters from Thailand. The first sets of medals will be played on Wednesday, culminating planetary forum 27 September.

A source: ONT TV channel