Henadz Laptseu – silver medalist of the European championship U23

Oleg Loban, Michael Solodar, Henadz Laptseu , Viktar Shershukou

Henadz Laptseu (67 kg) He took second place in the European Championship among juniors and U23, held in Bucharest, Romania with the result 303 kg (138+165) in the double-event.

In the snatch in the first attempt Gennady has not experienced working with weights 133 kg. In the second approach, our athlete snatched weight bar 138 kg. Gennady failed in a final attempt to cope with the weight of 141 kg. In the first exercise won the silver medal.

In the clean and jerk in the first approach, our athlete pushed the weight bar 160 kg. In the second attempt Gennady obeyed 165 kg. And in the third Gennady approach could not handle the weight of the rod 171 kg. Following the second exercise stopped at the third position.

Tomorrow the national team at the European Forum output. On Thursday, will perform at the junior Igor Lozka (BW 81 kg) and Sergei Sharenkov (BW 89 kg).

Hrybouski Dzmitry