Dina Sazanovets took 8th place at the European Championship

Dzina Sazanavets took 8th place in European championship, held in Moscow. The representative of Mogilev showed the result in 215 kg (99+116) in the double-event.

In a snatch in the first approach, she obeyed 95 kg. In the second attempt, Dina pulled out a barbell with a weight 99 kg. In a third approach, 101 kg our athlete did not submit. As a result of the snatch, I stopped in 5th place.

In the clean and jerk in the first attempt, Dina pushed the barbell with a weight 116 kg. In the second approach, our athlete coped with the weight 121 kg, but the jury did not count the weight. In the final attempt, the weight in 121 kg also did not submit to her. Based on the results of the second exercise, took 8th place.

Alina Maruschak from Ukraine became the European Champion – 236 kg (109+127), silver from the French woman Nayo Ketchanke – 231 kg (100+131), bronze at the representative of Armenia Liana Gyurzhan – 227 kg (98+129).

Tomorrow the national team will be presented Andrew Eaglet (102 kg, group B) – 8:30, Sergei Sharenkov (102 kg) – 11:00, Inna Zakharchuk (87 kg, group B) – 14:00. The broadcast will be available on our website.

The press service of the national team