Michael Solodar: there is very high competition in the national team, at least one candidate for a ticket 5 person

The press service of the national team spoke with the Honored Coach of the Belarus Weightlifting Team Michael Solodarom and found out, how the national team is experiencing a coronavirus pandemic and what to expect from Belarusian weightlifters in the near future.

Michael Solodar. Photo: the press service of the national team

– How to maintain a positive mood in the coronavirus pandemic?

– We have no time to think about the virus, a lot of work. I believe, what coaching advice made the right decision, staying in Stakes. We are preparing, held a recent competition, in which the whole national team participated. For us, coronavirus is not the cause, to cancel the training process. Especially, that international competitions are expected in the fall, including European Championship, need to prepare. Good, the training place has everything you need.

– Can I keep in shape?

– Athletes must compete in tournaments as often as possible.. It is necessary, that's why we recently held competitions. Of course, no international travel now, but we find options. by the way, guys showed very good results. There is a great reserve for the future. We plan to continue to hold such competitions. AT “flocks” Belarus Championship to be held in September, as a result of which the strongest athletes will go to the continental forum.

– How much the training process of Belarusian weightlifters has changed due to coronavirus?

– Not much has changed. we, as before, strive to show maximum results. Every day, doctors monitor the health status of the guys, three times a week a bath with a broom. What could be better? Many national teams did the same.. for example, Kazakhs sit in their mountains and train, the Chinese did the same. Olympics are just around the corner, it is impossible to stop the training process in weightlifting, otherwise, then it will take a very long time to restore it all.

– What shape are the athletes in now?

– Everyone is trying to keep fit., many people want to peak at the European Championship. Athletes continue to amaze and gain in strength. One such example Sergei Sharenkov, which added in a jerk almost 10 kg. He is hardworking, in the future we will expect improvement from Sergey.

Alexander Goncharov, Michael Solodar, Sergei Sharenkov, Oleg Loban and Igor Revutsky. Photo: the press service of the national team

– How high is the competition in the national team?

– Highly. For example, at least five people claim the main start of the four-year period. All leaders are determined to fight for the right to get to the Games in Tokyo.

– You brought up world champions and prize-winners, Europe, Olympics. What is the secret of success?

– The secret is simple: need to love your job, and everything else will follow. I always thought, that coaching is work in the gym with athletes with 8 to 22.

Viktar Shershukou, Andrei Aramnau , Michael Solodar. Photo: the press service of the national team

– AT 2008 you were awarded the Order of Honor. How important is this award to you?

– Nicely, when your work is evaluated. But this is not the most important thing. Much more important, that much attention is paid to physical education and sports of the highest achievements in Belarus. This is the health of the nation. I think, you need to be devoted to your work and just work for the good of the country.

For reference: Earlier, the head coach of the Belarusian men's weightlifting team Viktor Shershukov noted, what national team switched to power training, all restoration activities go according to plan. Two athletes apply for a license for the Olympics (one girl and one guy).

Moscow Championship in weightlifting, which due to the spread of coronavirus was moved, by decision of the executive committee of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) He has lost the status of qualifying for the Olympics 2020.

Initially Championship in Moscow had to go to 4 by 12 April, but then it was decided to hold a tournament 13 by 21 June. Then Executive Committee of the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) made a preliminary decision, that the European Championship in Moscow should be held with 31 October to 8 November. The tournament can be moved to 2021 year.

The press service of the national team