Veterans met in their native land

Basil Shumansky, Paul Kulikovskii, Valeri Shari, Alexander Grishchenko, Anatoly Lavrov. Photo: Alexander Lobach

Veterans weightlifting after passing Montreal World Cup on home soil met. They met Olympic champion in 76 years Valeri Shari.

At the world championships in weightlifting among older age groups, which was held in Montreal from 16 by 24 August, participated 689 athletes (385 men and 304 women) of 54 nations. selection system allowed to compete 700 best weightlifters planet, the results of which exceeded the global qualification standards. The youngest athletes celebrated 35 years old, in the oldest age group - 80 and older competed 14 athletes. The oldest participant Tsutomu Kobayashi from Japan fulfilled 87 years old. Exciting moment of the competition was, that weightlifters competed in the original platform of the Olympic Games 1976 of the year.

The president International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Thomas Ayan at the end of the World Cup said: "World Championship among masters IWF again demonstrated, that people never get too old, to engage in weightlifting. We saw, both men and women from different countries and different ages of 35 to 87 s united through their common love for weightlifting and benefits, it brings them. There are many benefits of weightlifting, and everyone can draw something other than sports. These championships are dedicated not only to the, who wins or who lifts heavy weights, but perseverance, mental discipline and the, people challenge themselves, to achieve their best results ".

Successfully performed at the world and a team championship of the Republic of Belarus, which has won in the team event 7 place half of the. Gold medals were won by Paul Kulikovskii Minsk residents in the age group 70-74 of the year, Anatoly Lavrov in the age group 65-69 years old, Basil Shumansky from Slutsk in the age group 55-59 years old, the bronze medal – from Minsk Alexander Grishchenko in the age group 50-54 of the year.

the system, taking into account the age of the, the weight of the athlete, and the sum of two exercises in kilograms Paul took Kulikovskii 9 place in the world among all participants (in sisteme Sinclair). And his 5 a gold medal at the world championships. The second gold medal won Anatoly Lavrov and Basil Shumansky. Alexander Grishchenko was the first winner of the World Cup. pleased to note, that our weightlifters, I had to fight for the medals to the latter approach.

Exciting meeting after the speech was Minskers first Belarusian Olympic champion Montreal Games in weightlifting Valery Shariem, their coach. they told, that the platform later 46 years old in good condition, Only a little "pobronzovel" and gave the photo a memorial marble plaque with the names of all Olympic champions in the Olympic Park in Montreal holiday.

Before the World Cup Minskers subdued and European sports tops. Paul Kulikovskii won for the eighth time a gold medal at the European Championships in Finland, Lavrov and Anatoly - a gold medal at the European Games in Turin and won the silver medal at the European Championships. In total, Anatoly at international competitions in weightlifting among older age groups, won a record number of medals in Belarus -27!

A source: Anatoly Lavrov

Photo: Alexander Lobach