Kirill Abramovich was the seventh in the world championship to 20 years old

Kirill Abramovich He became the seventh to World Championships to 20 years old, held in Suva, Fiji. Kirill performed in the weight category over 109 kg, and the result showed a 361 kg (164+197) in the double-event.

In the snatch all three attempts were successful. In the first approach, fixed 155 kg, second – 161 kg and in the third 164 kg. In the first exercise Cyril took the 7th place.

In the clean and jerk in the first attempt recorded 192 kg, the second was unable to push 197 kg and still in the third attempt 197 kg submitted to him. According to the results push our athlete took the 7th place.

Gold in Varazdat Lalaan (Armenia) – 419 kg (192+227), silver – Ali Dawood (Iran) – 418 kg (193+225), bronze – Alireza Joseph – 396 kg (171+225).

Recall, previously medals for our team brought Andrew Eaglet.