Andrei Aramnau : "Transferring the Olympics - it means, I'm a very lucky man "

About three weeks ago, the Olympic champion in weightlifting Andrei Aramnau injured while performing jerk with weight 170 kg and only recently returned to training. At full recovery before Olympics in Tokyo as planned earlier periods have not enough time Aramnau, so his reaction to the transfer of the competition should not be surprised.

Andrei Aramnau

- Olympics canceled? just? - Asked in a telephone conversation Andrei. - For me, this is great news, because the day before I got enough serious injury. I tear the ulnar ligament. Overtrain hands and went on too much weight on the background of unrest, since men weightlifters from Belarus on the 2020 Olympic Games it should have been only one voucher: nerves, overload. Made a mistake. Because of this, he withdrew from social networks. thought, analyzed. I hoped, that major launches this year [because coronavirus] will not be.

- So now this means, I'm a very lucky man, - concluded Aryamnov. - I have a chance to prepare wonderful. Happy news. But for the world of sports and especially athletes, who were in good shape, it is a heavy blow. Sportsmeny- "old" will be eliminated, and young people will be tightened. Already still be other results, not the people will stand on pedestals.

The transfer of the Olympic Games, in my opinion, - the right decision. Do not be afraid and panic coronavirus, but the situation is most serious in the world. Land was faced with a real problem, but we will survive because?!

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