Recommendation of Ministry of Health of Belarus for the prevention of coronavirus disease

Due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation of infections, caused by a coronavirus SARS / CoV-2019 (COVID-19) The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus recommends when visiting foreign countries to observe the basic preventive measures, the implementation of which will significantly reduce the risk of infection with respiratory infections, including infection COVID-19:

– refusal to visit crowded places unnecessarily (shopping centers, public transport and other). If a visit is not places of mass gathering of people to avoid possible (for example, an airport), it is recommended to use disposable medical masks in compliance with the rules of their use;

– minimizing contact with others, non-members of the delegation;

– preventing close contact (at a distance of less than 1,5 – 2 m) with people, who have symptoms of respiratory infection;

– good hand hygiene with soap and / or hand sanitizer (preferably an alcohol-based), especially after a visit to the streets and public places, before and after eating;

– avoiding touching the nose neobezzarazhennymi hands, eye, oral;

– adherence to respiratory etiquette (cover the mouth and nose disposable paper towels (platkami) when sneezing and coughing, recycling them after use; in their absence - coughing or sneezing into the crook of the elbow);

– organizing regular damp cleaning of premises in the places of residence / temporary stay, training athletes, as well as in venues with disinfectants (focus on door handles, rail, sports equipment and inventory, furniture, sanitary equipment, Computer keyboard and mouse, Gadgets, telephones, control panels, panel shared office equipment and other);

– compliance ventilation mode.

Upon arrival at the territory of the Republic of Belarus at checkpoints across the state border of the Republic of Belarus, members of the delegation shall be subject to sanitary-quarantine control with the use of devices for remote measurement of body temperature, filling "Forms arrivals", laboratory testing for infection COVID-19. They were established 14 day continuous medical observation in temporary shelters.
With negative results of laboratory research does not eliminate the 14-day medical observation.
To accommodate each delegation has arrived in order to avoid contact with other residents should be provided:

– separate cottage (separate floor, space unit);

– separate, isolated from other premises, space for training;

– powered delegation is organized in rooms for living.

It is necessary to ensure that disinfection measures, including equipment and sports equipment.
Directly to the objects of the sporting events to be provided strengthening disinfection regime in rooms, availability of dispensers with hand sanitizer in public places.
In case of positive results of laboratory testing for COVID-19 infection in one of the members of the delegation for all persons, stationed in contact with him in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, It requires the establishment of medical supervision in a hospital, conduct laboratory examination.
Head of the delegation of Belarusian athletes, traveling abroad, It should be provided outreach to members of the delegations on the prevention COVID-19 infection.
The Ministry of Health considers it appropriate (subject to availability) transfer of mass sports events with international participation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, visits of delegations of Belarusian athletes in the country, where cases COVID-19 infections recorded, to stabilize the epidemiological situation in the world.

A source: NOK belarus