“Thanks phone, became a YouTube blogger”. Monologue by Andrei Aramnov

Smartphones are more, than just a means of communication. They help us work., study, pay bills online, take care of health, chat and relax. In addition, the gadget can tell a lot about its owner.. In project “Pressball” and MTS famous athletes will tell, how to use smartphones in everyday life.

Your first phone, still push-button, bought, it seems, at thirteen or fourteen. It was the year 2001 or 2002. For children, he was like that at that time ..., benchmark.

And I bought it for my own money.. How many of these devices have I had since, hard to remember.

In general, I am not inclined to chase new models. If technologically mine becomes obsolete, the, of course, Yes. But here, let us say, that phone, which I use now, I've already had two years. And in terms of power, it is quite normal, better than many new products. It makes no sense to change it. All functions suit, but there is no need for some others.

The call has a standard melody. I don’t download the music I like, to put her on a call. It doesn't matter to me. The main thing - I have to understand, that my phone is ringing. I get used to one melody - and then it’s much more convenient.

I have a phone with a large amount of memory. When choosing a device, this is a fundamental point, because I have to shoot long clips in good quality. When it is necessary, I clean my memory. In general, I need a phone more for work, than for personal photos or something like that, what would have to be stored.

Thanks to my mobile phone, I became a YouTube blogger.! The most popular video at the moment on my YouTube channel 130 thousand views. Also on YouTube and on Instagram I give advice to beginners and active athletes, recording some kind of video tutorials for them. Many who write in private messages, but I don’t always have enough time to answer everyone. Therefore I share: some chats, more important, - with friends; some, let's call it like that, - with the rest of the world. Try to respond, first of all, to those messages, which are interesting to me as a coach, to have something to tell, speculate. It's almost impossible to answer everyone.

Actually the most popular video on “youtube”-Andrey Aramnova’s channel 166 thousand views! It's about recording his performance at the last World Cup in Pattaya (Thailand), where our weightlifter won the silver medal.

How much time I spend on the phone?.. Not more often, than I take it in my hands every hour, To view, are there any messages.

I am registered, perhaps, in all social networks and instant messengers, which are just invented. Now most people only learn news from the phone. You can keep abreast of everything that happens in the world, only in chat rooms and viewing your feed on social networks. Friends, acquaintances to each other throw something, forward, share something - and you have enough, to know the whole agenda.

I don’t listen to music on the phone. Earlier yes. In his youth, he really was fond of, like everyone else, but already slightly aged. Yes, and in the car, frankly speaking, music doesn't play. Most often I choose a radio, some conversational, news, the waves. Sometimes I use the phone as a navigator in a car: even in Borisov and Minsk there are streets, where I haven’t been and I don’t know yet.

My daughter goes to the second grade of the Belarusian-language gymnasium. Naturally, have parent chat, where parents can chat with teachers. Probably, this is practiced everywhere. I follow everything, what do they write about, try to keep abreast of class and school events, but especially not getting involved in the discussion, just reading.

There is also a chat, where are the guys from the weightlifting team. When we go to some tournament, it is always activated. To keep everyone up to date, that take place at various competitions, logistics and so on. Without this, our world is unthinkable. The phone now accompanies a person everywhere. It’s hard to imagine life without him.

For long flights, I prepare the phone in advance. Download different games, which you can play offline. I like to solve all kinds of problems, like sudoku. Besides, download audiobooks. I've listened to a lot of them.

However, I try to get involved in non-fiction, and educational, scientific or popular science. Here, eg, from the last, what listened, - anatomy course. About ligaments, joints - very useful information. And here is the calorie counter, by the way, which is now popular, do not use. I’m counting in my head. That's all I have here (points to forehead - approx. pressball.by).

A source: Pressball