Andrei Aramnau : Hall in Borisov and the title Borzdakovu

The prelaunch announcement of the World Cup this writer called the main contenders for the podium in the Belarusian team, and at the same time on a single man's license to the Olympic Games 2020, Vadim fever and Eugene Tihontsova.

Andrei Aramnau , Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski ,

BUT Andrei Aramnau He plays the role of dark horse, Being able to compete for a medal in certain circumstances. Tihontsov pending the outcome justified, won gold. true, not in the Olympic category up 102 kg. But the champion in Beijing 2008 has produced a truly splash, becoming the silver prize-winner and add on for five months in a double-event compared to the European Championship 15 kilograms! Which is extremely important, in the title, which will be presented in Tokyo. Not for nothing the head coaching staff men Viktar Shershukou upon arrival at the airport the team was urged on Aramnau go first to the camera and voice recorder. Journalists from filming and writing rightly coveted interview with outrageous weightlifter due to the success on the platform, rather than in semi occasion. However, only it was not limited to the bar, when in possession of Andrew acquired the correspondent "PB".

- A little more than a year, I returned to professional sport. During this time has been done a tremendous amount of work. 426 (198+228) kilograms of the double-event - the result, I think, great. Own hopes for the tournament fully justified. Even, probably, little I did not expect from him in such a hurried dash. Zakladыvalsya on 197 kg, but it turned out one more. As a result - he broke the world record. Although it almost immediately surpassed Simon Martirosyan. But it's the details, nothing wrong. In the clean and jerk counted on 230 - managed a little less. Anyway glad, that everything turned out that way. The main thing - the battle is given to the best rivals in the category, and have some blueprint for victory. Olympics show, what we have gained.

Andrei Aramnau , Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski ,

- Armenian upset, that took the world record in the first exercise?
- I understand perfectly: Today it is still stronger. true, I have the time, to prepare well for the future start and get it. Ideal athletes does not exist, each has weaknesses. will, as the saying goes, taking experience.

- The camera captures the sarcastic smile of Simon after your successful record approach. What relationship with him?
- Friendship. I'm serious! Excellent communicate with him. Martirosyan knows, that right now I am able to lift more. Although we sometimes teasing each other. He says: "Where are you going, old, climb again?" I answer: "Hey, young, move over, you still have not had dried milk!"But it is quite normal, agree. in front of, if not kidding, in the competition would be unhealthy.

- Do you have an explanation, why the majority of our weightlifters - you, Alexandra Bersanova, Eugene Tihontsova, Edward Zezyulin - stronger spurt? At the push of a derelict?
- The Belarusian Weightlifting good school jerk. push, of course, guys too bad, but ... It is enough to recall the legendary champions Andrei Rybakov and Andrei Aramnau. In my opinion, Fishermen - even the strongest "ryvkach" on the planet. He inferior to those, who had acted, and current athletes. Including heavyweight champion Lasha Talakhadze. Take and compare at least kilograms, both of which are raised in relation to its own weight, - Andrew is not equal.

- You were the oldest member of the group "A". And it is not only the experience, but also the complexity of. What collided?
- Have a little time to rest between the tug and push. break a small, little time, and you have to increase the pace. As a result, there is a problem with recovery.

- By the way, you suffered from injuries for several years. And in the last year we haven’t heard anything like it.. Changed the training process?
- The fact, what began to add gradually, reliably. I'm not fond of stupid risk in training anymore. In short, gained enough experience, to know the opportunities and avoid the reckless operation at the limit, when this is not necessary.

- Your words: "Who does not believe me - that pechalka". feeling, that there are ill-wishers? You read the comments in your instagrams?
- In fact, I thank absolutely everyone. the, who did not believe in me and was skeptical, - double thanks. They made me stronger. Naturally, missing all. Including conflicting reviews. However, I have a pretty big support group. After all, how many years in the bar! Of course, there was an army of fans. They worry about me not only in Belarus - from other countries and cities too. These fans were in Thailand..

- After the European Championship, where the last approach was not counted, you criticized refereeing. This time it arranged?
- Yes. I was more fortunate with him, than in Batumi. Although some of our guys had some questions. But in general, everyone is moving towards each other in understanding. And the judges get used to the technique of athletes, which someone may be imperfect, And we, from my side, adapt to certain nuances of the new rules.

- I already managed to note silver?
- There was no time in Thailand, so there wasn’t any special celebration as such. The only thing, I am a famous fishing enthusiast. Immediately after the competition I went to Thai fishing, sip local catfish. Well, except ... The weekend, to celebrate a medal, frankly speaking, not. Three more tournaments coming up this season, so you have to be in optimal shape. The nearest - in a week in San-Marino. Then - the so-called commercial Silver League, where is the chance to make some money. A plus, of course, need to score points, necessary for qualification for the Olympics.

- obviously, more than one license, like less, we will not have. Guided by the results of the World Cup, whom in the place of the coaching staff I would send to the Games?
- Hard to say. I know one thing: to anyone, who deserves this right, it will be extremely difficult psychologically. The moral responsibility is too high., will crush. It will take a thousand percent and justify the choice. So I do not envy anyone, who will go to the Olympics. Even if it's me.

- But you count, that our only ticket for men will go to you, given the medal, won in the Olympic category, - the only one in the Belarusian team?
- Ha! It just so happened, that I'm to the marrow an olympian. Non-Olympic weights do not like. As for the license ... I usually have a good sniff. She never fails. Today I feel a lot of strength in myself and a sufficient supply. In my current state I would be afraid to compete with myself. Not to mention others.

- I will ask otherwise: Viktar Shershukou already outlined the circle of candidates for a trip to Tokyo?
- Based on the latest results, about four to five athletes prepare for the Olympics. I, from my side, I will try to help Viktor Evgenievich create and develop the current young team. My experience in this regard is also very valuable and useful.. I am convinced of one: whoever defends the Belarusian flag in Japan in a year, it will be at least a medal. We definitely gouge it out! I do not rule out, that gold. And who exactly - bye, probably, talk early.

— Внутренняя конкуренция не портит атмосферу?
— Ни в коем случае. Поверь, у нас в коллективе замечательная обстановка. У каждого спортсмена только один соперник. И это не партнер по сборной, а штанга. Главное — одолеть ее.

— Ты утверждаешь, что идешь дальше. На какие веса планируешь выйти?
— Сейчас уступил ровно десять килограммов по сумме двоеборья лучшему в карьере результату, который показал на Олимпиаде в Пекине одиннадцать лет назад. Тогда поднял 436. Однако чувствую, что можно добавить. Тем более тогда я был молод и неопытен, а сейчас ощущаю в себе настоящую мужскую силу. Килограммов 25-30 еще рассчитываю приплюсовать.

— Согласен, что с прицелом на Олимпиаду надо следить не только за Мартиросяном, но и за узбеком Акбаром Джураевым? Ему всего 19, а он уже взял серебро в толчке. Да и в таком возрасте добавляют не по килограмму, а по целому десятку…
— Не спорю. Yes, certainly, есть парни, которые должны серьезно спрогрессировать. Тем не менее я тоже не собираюсь останавливаться на достигнутом. Знаешь… Вернуться на “свои”, когда-то подъемные, килограммы и впервые к ним прийти — это две разные вещи. Мне проще, чем многим противникам — в том смысле, что возвращаю результаты, которые демонстрировал раньше.

— Уже в курсе, сколько получишь за серебро ЧМ?
— Без малейшего понятия, какой размер призовых. I hope, он хотя бы немного больше, чем дала Беларусь за медаль того же достоинства на апрельском континентальном первенстве. Тогда выплата составила три тысячи долларов. AND, honestly, было крайне сложно и проблематично готовиться на эти деньги к чемпионату мира. Уже однажды одному из твоих коллег подчеркивал: чем дороже автомобиль, the more expensive its maintenance. Вот и мое обеспечение стоит немало.

— В том же интервью ты предложил, чтобы тебе вернули 50 тысяч долларов. Троллинг или всерьез на это рассчитываешь?
— И сейчас скажу: тогда у меня на самом деле зря отняли стипендию. Ведь нечасто бывает, чтобы кто-то из белорусов побеждал на Олимпиаде. Сколько у нас таких чемпионов? Да и просто эти средства действительно сейчас не помешали бы, чтобы должным образом подготовиться и вновь выиграть золото на Играх.

— Медалей мирового помоста у тебя не было более десяти лет. В статусе серебряного призера чемпионата мира уже можешь просить, и не только за себя, — прислушаются наверняка. Что нужно сделать для нашей штанги?
— В первую очередь призвал бы наконец сделать качественный ремонт в моем родном спортивном зале в Борисове. За последние десять лет он оказался буквально “убит”! Там попросту невозможно нормально заниматься профессионалам. Второе: очень хотелось бы, чтобы президент присвоил моему первому наставнику Владимиру Борздакову звание “Заслуженный тренер Республики Беларусь”. Он награду полностью заслужил, мы очень многое прошли вместе. If not Borzdakov, я этот путь наверх не проделал бы.

— У тебя есть прямой телефонный номер министра спорта, чтобы походатайствовать?
— Честно? Лично я не представляю, как он выглядит. It happened, вживую Сергея Ковальчука еще ни разу не видел. Да и не озадачивался тем, чтобы обязательно повстречаться.

A source: Pressball
Author: Григорий Трофименков