Yuri Zaharevich about Aramnau: talented boy, but somehow I scattered

Olympic champion career and three-time world champion Yuri Zakharevich was bright and unique. He flashed on the horizon of world weightlifting at the age of eighteen. And so hopefully spoken, that gave birth to the Soviet fans only one association - with the legendary jumper Vladimir Yaschenko. He also charmed everyone's attention at a young age - world records, that beat, it seemed, hikes. And then I stumbled, suffered serious injuries, and disappeared. Alas, forever and ever.

surprisingly, but fate has prepared another Soviet prodigy-like path. Zaharevich if from the outset decided to completely surpass all records predecessors and gave extravaganza almost every competition, in which participated. There were days, when in a few hours he installed five or six world records and, it seems, considered unsuccessful championship, if it was not possible to move the mark of the highest achieving at least a couple of kilograms up.

Fate preserved test for the young hero of the Ulyanovsk region, almost to twenty. At a tournament in Hungary in the assault of another world record Zaharevich seriously injured. Best trauma Union was confident, that the Athlete's career is over, and in extreme cases it can only help his wife carry shopping bags from the market. However, Yuri returned, Games won in Seoul, World and European championships - of course, world record, which over the years of his career he has established 35. And he became one of the greatest athletes of the last century - to the sum of, to which still can not approach the heavy weight champions.

– You Belarusian surname.
In me flowing Russian and Belarusian blood. Father is from Vitebsk region, Berezino village. true, now it's gone. When the Germans attacked, is completely burned village, and all the kids away to Germany. Pope lucky: he and the older sisters are always kept together. Due to this and survived. They were prisoners of the children's camp, and when the Red Army arrived, then in the confusion we lost each other. And he made his way home alone.

I learned more from his mother, He willingly shared with her, we are still children. But I remember his story - about malyshni behind barbed wire. When I see a movie these frames, if an electric current is passed for me - I imagine your father at that age.
Kids standing behind barbed wire, and German with a large piece of sausage was on the other side. deliberately slow, He hunted them so. And who is weaker, instinctively stretched out his hand - still hungry were. And here's my dad, too, could not resist, German and his hand that there are forces whip… His life remained bump. The first time I saw his tears, when he told us this story.
Pope did not, when I was ten years old. He died early and left us alone with his mother. rather, We mum had six and three orphans from a younger mother's sister.

They lived at first in Kazakhstan. Mum and dad there and got acquainted with the development of virgin lands. Both specialty - mechanics, drivers. When his father was a wealth. When he was gone, a life, of course, changed.

– I read your book, you then do sport seriously. To help her mother…
Of course. The main engine in life - always an incentive. It is not a good life children went to play sports. It is hard work. clear, that different came to us - from wealthy families, too. But when it became unbearable, they then selected. were those, who used to plow. We had to make himself “to eat”. And when the coupons will, it is a great help. Well, plus travel, competition, prizes. I had to shoulder this burden, help the family. If my father was alive, can, I would not be an athlete. Certainly would not. Dad was a great technician. mother also. I have an internal combustion engine known as the Our Father. maybe, trucker would work - and what, good profession.

Autumn on the car traveled to Grodno, on the tournament in memory of my friend Sasha Kurlovich. Nine hours travel thousands of kilometers - and with great pleasure. I like to be at the wheel, it is at the gene level. Now I have a new hobby - you want to learn how to fly. Recently was the first solo flight with an instructor. All went well, and, hope, eventually become a certified pilot. Once, a little tired, I ride on the roads, where I recorded all the time and come fines. Sometimes want to on these radars top fly.

– For the then times you sooner began to engage in weightlifting.
Yes, in ten years. Before there were gymnastics and basketball, but it is so, not very serious. I instinctively sought his views. Rod was fascinated, I went in weightlifting after the pope's death, When we returned to my mother's home in Dimitrovgrad. He even called Melekess. In Melekess our family had a house. And no one. According to his mother, her parents were wealthy people - to dispossession. When all took, We began in misery. Then a famine in the Volga region. War. All my love today fungi vaccinated against mother. She had said: “Son, We then saved the only forest”. When there was nothing, all the living there is mined.

Юрий Захаревич

– You would have to love the Soviet regime.
And I did never hide. When there was an opportunity to take revenge, and I made. clear, not in the sense, that it was some sort of rabid anti-Soviet. You can always find other means. Did, when the upcoming international competitions, Us regular instructor will certainly come. I told, how to behave abroad. We are still the messengers of a great country and did not have to lose face. But in the end it is somehow necessary to add: breakwater, you need to understand and parasites, that the working class, miners inject any really. And you slacking, sports Occupation.

Ever wondered this openness of party comrades. Imagine my state: I plow like a damn, These pancakes iron at night dreaming… And he comes out of nowhere, not having the slightest idea, what a great sport, and begins to moralize, that for us someone humpback. Naturally, coming from foreign competition, great pleasure in telling, how people live there actually. Not that, we repeated on TV, and I saw with my own eyes. Question “And how there with them?” asked in any audience. Information on, what is happening in the countries of the Western world, there was very little. All was largely limited to actions of the workers, who were not satisfied with their situation in the country of capitalism, where well I lived only a handful of oppressors labor element. Not that, sure you.

But I was talking, it is there that saw our future, which, by itself, was Communism. we were told, that he is about to come. And goods in the shops will be so much, that no one of anything will not need. So the West communism has arrived. I listed all of the excited audience, I saw it on the shelves.

– You for it then not punished?
It is now possible to attach the chip and know, where you go and whom to meet. Previously, this was not. Organs of little interest to the, what happens to you here, they've always been curious, how to lead the self there.
Yes, I did not always spoke to a crowded sports palaces. Different companies were. Best - friends, of course, where they could not only tell, but also to draw conclusions from what he saw.

– Your faithful friends in the national team were Anatoly Anatoly Khrapaty Alexander Kurlovich. As agreed?
easy question… Probably, at some point realized, that alone is very difficult to live. And we must unite, to any conditions, no coaching unions did not prevent us great doing business, we were able. We were really very strong weightlifters. And on top were in different weight categories - no intersection between them we did not have. Although I have repeatedly offered to move to heavyweight, but I did not do it. just because, I had a good relationship with Sasha. I understood, something can crack. exceptions, of course, there were. Victor and I were Sotsem in one category, and lived in the same room. Soul to soul, perfectly communicated. I always thought: on the platform, we have chopped. But what hinders friendship beyond? And then the other guys around us began to unite. Even when the new head coach of the national team has come, then I began to consult with us.

Юрий Захаревич
– it, naturally, It was not Vasily Alekseyev.
Yes, the first thing just tried to break this our idyll. Because of that and hurt, it pretty quickly and then sent to the fees. we understood, that he was a famous champion and the people of our test. But you need to know, that the family is not without people. you understand, what I mean.

– I heard, you and he almost did not fight.
Until this is not reached. This is too much. But if things have gone, the, of course, I would have to defend his honor. Vasily Ivanovich was a man of authoritarian and objections to their actions are not taken.

– Anatoly Pisarenko told, that generation, came in the eighties, It was a head taller than the old.
Perhaps. Our generation has made some progress. We began to change categories, allow women. This was the motivation to reconsider, how I express myself, the results of the Second World War. We have raised the bar so high, we see now: they, who follow us, far from kilograms, raised in the 80s.

Although there are exceptions. Recently I spoke with the star of today's world weightlifting Lasha Talakhadze. He said, that it is a special responsibility. He has the ability to lift weight, which will save our sport. Man has always wondered, if he can raise 500 kege a total of two movements. Georgian athlete has to do it, not for himself, but for the sake of all kinds. I think, he will raise. the main thing, so it does not become a Vasily Alekseyev, which is 500 grammes for records added. I do not know, I heard there Lasha: understandably, that athletes, and the coaches are not free in making decisions. But I would give him the freedom to, and not stretched to the benefit of all countries.

This sort of thing… All young and talented athletes want to take away for years to come. Step buy Step. But this is absolutely not in my nature. There is strength and health - come to the end and to the fullest. I could record at a time, and ten pounds to improve.

– And that's nothing. Vasily Alekseyev 80 world set, working on his technique. And it's hard to argue. How many time for the world to achieve pay?
In my time in one motion - 750 rubles. net yield 670. The amount of double-event cost 1500. But no matter how much you may have installed the day of Records, You pay only for the last three. And I could, and five, and six. And it went on, I did not care. I did not want to lie to myself and to people too. no hotel, so that others have the impression, if I came to the bar only to, to cut down the money. Not, I have come to extend the limits of human capabilities. And so it is always given to his case before the end of. If you feel, I can still, I ordered a new record weight.

– You have become a world record holder in the 18 years old.
But what to do? apparently, acceleration, youth.

– But after two years was seriously injured. they say, because of, that your trainer tournament did not go.
This was due to our political system. I was going to junior “Europe”, which took place in San Marino. And just one day the head coach of the national team comes to the exit and said: “Zaharevich, You're not going anywhere tomorrow!” Now you tell me, What you will then mood?

– Not really. Western country still…
And he throws me a bone: two weeks will be a tournament in Hungary - and there you go. And what is it? You you bring yourself to one tournament, and you were being moved to another. First, do not understand why, but then cut in. In Soviet times, it was hung a label - unreliable. That is, you can bring home and to stay abroad. And such a thing, and then we decided to attach to me. It gave rise. Two years before this was the case in France. I, interesting young man, which at the banquet after the tournament approaches beautiful girl. Together with the Pope. All very well, we sat, communicated, We had a nice time. Then she wrote a letter, which he confessed to me in love. And put in the memory of the meeting a series of photographs. Although again, repeat, there were the usual group photo at a banquet.

And all foreign correspondence to censor our brothers from the KGB. And so, knowing, that for me there is such a promising acquaintance, I decided to keep and protect. And instead of San Marino mysterious, I went to the friendly socialist Hungary. form, by itself, during these two weeks I lost. I relaxed a little. There it happened.

– You have hurt elbow, and there you have decided to freeze some doctors-Konovalov.
I myself gave this order…

– But how can that be?
That was my fatal error. There I belong to myself and decided to do an experiment.

– Interesting, that on his return said coach?
Nothing. They put me on the cross and all. Did, how many of such promising kids, who once stopped all interested, once broken arm or leg? think, some upstart Zaharevich…

Юрий Захаревич
– Operation you did at the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Moscow, the son of the famous Zoya Mironova.
He did what, that had. It was impossible to another - write me ahead of time for violation of the. I'm a naughty boy, I came one night. true, asked permission from the nurse, said, that to me the bride arrives… And in the morning a bit late for the doctor's round. I take refuge - and feel cold stares from all sides. I went to the doctor and hear: “Can not do anything, You were discharged for violating the. This decision is the department head Sergei Pavlovich Mironov”. I, of course, to him. “Excuse, Yura, we have such a rule. You can come on an outpatient basis, you will help to develop hand”.

Then came there a couple of times to understand the procedures and, I'll be a very long time so to recover. I decided to pursue the matter himself. Later I learned from Mironov assistant operations, what the doctor said after the: breakwater, give god, Zaharevich if his wife is now able to bring a string bag from the market. If involved in a struggle, then something else could, but in the weightlifting simply no chance. In this way, Surgeon signed his impotence. And what about me, young, It had it all to hear… But still grateful to him for, what he did.

Six months, hand does not obey. but pasture, I return it to life. Already taking in the snatch 140. understand, I have it all torn and sewn, but how? And so you want to come back, beyond words… I have two dozen world records, but I have not managed to win nothing. At both European and world championships only silver. And honored master of sports I do not have. His only victory at the world championships and the Olympics are assigned.

In short, I come to Mironov in six months, I talk about their successes. already know, Why ditch better, than push. He told me a bunch of mylar special authentic set. And because of this gap in his hand appeared. can tear, but the impetus is not. And I also triceps was torn from the bone. In addition to a complete rupture of the inner side ligament, one head torn triceps. Generally, everything, that could break, I broke. lucky, that the joint capsule remained intact. I sprained it, of course, but the joint is not folded in half.

And here I come to Mironov. In shock than, I started training and even some weight more or less serious lift. asks: tomorrow you can come? We detour, I'll show you our luminaries. And me and very interesting… I come and go to the House. So he and his entourage comes up to me and starts talking. “During the attempt to establish a world record Yuri Zaharevich received such a trauma”. And goes on to say everything in its medical language. But I remember. As the bone tendon sewn? “Four drilled bone canal, gathered tendon and through the plastic linings, through bony canals triceps tendon is sewn to the bone. And the inner side I put a bunch of mylar. double. a little longer…”

apparently, he himself was not sure of the decisions, who had to take during surgery. Therefore said assistants, in weightlifting dear to me is closed. But now, in front of these professors I had me - a little like a porter avosek. And so all the experts were delighted. told, he guru.

But I would like to say thank you and the head coach of the national team Prilepin. Because he knew, that after such an injury is unlikely I will raise, like before. but supported. Invited to the training camp. I constantly rotated in this kitchen. I really wanted to go back.
Initially we worked carefully, then the load was gradually increased… I always listened to his hand. Was glad, he felt confident and was able to plow, like before. Prilepin took me to the European Championship 1984 year at your own risk. And I won there.

– You came very early into the adult team of the USSR. Who was an example to follow?
Sultan Rakhmanov. This is my older friend, which gave way to the sport. saw me, hitched. She shared by many unwritten rules of communication and life - respect for elders, to the principles, which they follow in life. And over time, and he begins to understand, who is who.
The main litmus test was traveling abroad. Especially at home in the soul will not climb, and then all at once it falls into place. Who are some people inside. To confess, we took to sell sports equipment. To bring something close, it was necessary first to sell something.

– I heard, on this part of the national team coach Alekseev was the number one.
Why not? Moreover, he forced athletes, sell not only their, but it also. And if not sold - the money will still bring back. (She is laughing.)

– But how can that be, Vasily, Fear God ...
Arguing with him was impossible - the next race you will not get. clear, I, and Anatoly Khrapaty Kurlovich he is its product could not offer. We would say to him immediately, we think on this subject. Environment has been brought around us: you are under attack. Communicating with this trinity, You may suffer. Even though you became the champion and have to go, but is everything head coach. He thought, that we are so toxic, that poison all around. Alekseev was vindictive person and consistent. I put one goal to take revenge for Zahara, that he once sent him home with fees, - means, will follow it to the end.

Юрий Захаревич
– What did you have an interesting sport. Soviet lifters continuously fought between a, all were in some groups - the fact, Against this…
I ran into this, when he became the President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation. Gathered all the brethren, and said,, it's time to draw a line under our wars. That has nothing to share. We were in such a position… below is nowhere, and now we need to come together to solve common problems. And the most interesting, that all this is realized. According nodding. But once out of office, all again went around the circle.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion, that individual sport affects the nature of man. I, I, I… Although it's different wrestlers. They have a great brotherhood. And we have only in the blood! Here is an example. He took as his deputy on scientific and methodological issues Alexey Medvedev Sidorych. Professor, Doctor of Education, multiple world champion, a former chief coach of the USSR national team. His main opponent - Arkady Nikitich Vorobiev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, two-time Olympic champion and also a former chief coach of the Union. Their feud since the fifties. And here they are, already people aged, They sit opposite each other at a meeting of the executive committee of the federation. And I vaguely hear the conversation: “Yes, Lesch, if not our confrontation, weightlifting would not be in such poor condition”. — “That's for sure, Arkaşa. We must give up all ambitions and work together…” — “Right”.

– awesome, when people finally begin to listen to each other.
Yes, but, Unfortunately, coming out of the office, they still continued to drench each other. Already with a bang. Both eighty, what can you do? I believe a person Medvedev, so his opponents were convinced, that it is necessary to wet Zakharevich. And when there was Alexei Sidorych, they can easily use this situation. Fetisov went to (then head of the State Committee for Physical Culture Russia, Sports and Tourism. — “PB”.). Glory hung ears, Although the idea was to get back on my side. Guys, finish, Zahar I know and trust him. But in principle it many posdaval… I told him then about it in his eyes said,. Although Volodya like these.

– poorly, that you do not play hockey.
Not mine. Although the possibility was. When he was the director of the Ice Palace in Tushino, to me, many players came and tried to drag in the plot. I have them all the same answer: “Not, guys, I love hockey, but will not participate in your games”.

– it seems, Russian weightlifting then lacked a leader, how Bulgaria was Ivan Abadzhiev. It was he who for decades led the crusade against the Bulgarian team of the USSR. And not without success, admittedly.

He called, He offered his services, but I said to him,: “thank, Vanya, we ourselves to deal”. I knew no one would, if I invited Abadzhieva. How could I call a coach, which in many ways is, that could and knew, I took from the Soviet school? And he must come in and teach us? Yes and no fact, that his system would suit us. There, too, everything was difficult to. I remember the junior national team of Bulgaria. On whom one looks, it seems, new star. A year later, one cirrhosis, the second major trauma, a third something else… Many local guys were dissatisfied with him.

– Nevertheless, the three best weightlifters of the twentieth century should be sought between the Bulgarian and Soviet athletes. Who would you have included in this number?
If you take the talent, the first number, certainly, Yuri Vardanyan will. Then Bulgarian Naim Suleimanov - again can not escape. And of bands allocated to Sasha Kurlovich. He is a hard worker and worthy of all praise. by the way, in many respects, and I depended on him. I remember, Sanya I always braked, and then I realized, what, if not for his advice, I could go wrong. Too much gambling was.

– thought, that in your top three will be a place for David Riegert. He was an outstanding weightlifter?
certainly. But we still take and humanity, right? And if a person Bezbashenny, it is bad. Riegert of those people, who had no head.

– What does it mean?
Inappropriate behavior and a tendency to adventurism. I also did some things, thought. As with the unfortunate injury to my. But how many years when I was? In the twenty-such is still possible, But adults held a man…
When I became president of the federation, Riegert me tried to crawl. But no, apologize, head coach you will not. Just a coach - take. That was in the kitchen and knew all, we distinguished people do not leave. His opinion was taken into account, when I was going to shoot. But in the end it lives its life in weightlifting was not in the wrong place, where he wanted by.V this regard, I liked Belarusians. Always had hope, there remain of the Soviet tradition of the bar. And then came the news of the death of Sasha… I regularly communicated with them. He suffered greatly, when the office closed Noka in his native region. I always knew, that the heart had to play tricks, and when we were in the national team UMO, he was afraid of, that doctors can wrap it. I think, it was hereditary. He is the heart of all life coaching. In general, paradoxically: such a heart - and a strong man with a big heart.

– What do you think about Aryamnove?
talented boy, but somehow I scattered. In general, many young athletes with a head no friends in our sport. Rarely who succeeded after the sharp turns in the life to come back to the top. Very few such examples. But Andrew come to his senses, I've heard these rumors. I think, he intends to win his second Olympic Games. Make it would be incredibly difficult, because rivals are very strong too. But if he could, take off his hat before him.

Sometimes career breaks are very useful. Can, that my Hungarian injury was sent to me from above. To stopped and thought, to the brain included. And it was very well, because sometimes I myself was beginning to fear - with its constant craving to pierce the ceiling head is in competition.

– Olympics-88 in the weight category up to 110 kilograms you won brilliantly and world records, with a total of twoborya 455 kege. With this result would become the strongest in the Games-92 even among the heavyweights. And then, in the XXI century, to your amount one is not reached…
AT 1992 , I was ready even better. much stronger, than to Seoul. But some forces prevented, basically the, who are now they rule the world weightlifting. Not only the then head coach of the country Alekseev. Although both the spirit confess: I do not have the habit to conceal someone hurt. I long ago forgave everything to everyone. What sense to think about the past - it is better to live in this. And if the dream, so that, how I would fly over the police radar.

A source: Pressball
Author: Sergey Schurko