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12 years, he did not take the world championship medal, and returned, to climb on the podium. Andrei Aramnau - from “silver” in weightlifting. Recently returned to the sport, velvety posedevšij, but not surrendering - Aramnov set a world record in the snatch - 198 kilograms, which the, true, lasted only a few minutes. 426 kg in the double-event - second place.

And in the category of up to 102 kg 20-year-old Eugene Tihontsov He became world champion. And now the important question - who will go to the Olympics? - after all, Men's quota for Belarus only one.

- And now the world champion - Eugene Tihontsov - in our studio. Eugene, good evening. With the victory! expected, that will become the best? Especially not in his crown category?
- Not expected. it was unusual, He acted not in its category. I did not know the competition.

After a couple of days you fly on the license tournament in San Marino? It is difficult to speak in this mode?
- Yes. Heavy, but it's a great sport, without this in any way.

- Watching your performance, impression, that can lift more. a supply of, reassurance?
Yes. I acted not in its category, because I was injured in the training process. Therefore we decided to trainers, I'll speak more severe among competitors. enough forces, but little injury knocked morally. Therefore, such a result is not, is expected. But still happy.

Before the Olympics - less than one year. But Tokyo will go only one Belarusian. Competition in the team is now aggravated?
- Everybody wants, and me too. I will make every effort, to qualify for this competition. But go strongest.

You still just 20 years old. But you already world champion, champion and the champion of Europe. it is a lot, but the main thing - to come? what are the goals?
- Next goal most exorbitant. I'm not going to stop there. All this gives even more motivation. There is always room to grow. Next stage, of course, I would like to speak at the Olympics.

A source: ONT TV channel