Andrei Aramnau : Weightlifting center needs to be built in Belarus

Belarusian weightlifter Andrei Aramnau commented on the supply of a modern exercise bike to a local sports school.

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This became possible after, how Aryamnov, during a visit by the governor of the Minsk region Alexander Turchin to the Borisov region, asked the head of the region to equip the sports school with a modern exercise bike. After a while, the issue was resolved.

"Very nice, that the request was implemented so quickly. Training apparatus, by the way, chose myself. I root for my sports school with all my heart. I also asked to install air conditioners in the halls of the school. The governor promised to help in this matter too. I think, that everything will be resolved positively in the near future.

Take this opportunity to, I want to thank our Mayor Gennady Dengalev. He created all the conditions for, for me to return to big sport. I think, do you remember, that the path to the Olympic weightlifting was fast. But then there was a long break. I think, that much is being done for youth sports in our country. Guys have been led since childhood, charge for the result. Then they are picked up by the Olympic reserve schools, other trainers. There is everything for that, to make children's sports professional.

For adult athletes, as for me, I would like to organize such an institution, where would such an athlete come and get support. Let me explain, for example, I'm an adult athlete, I was injured, recovering for several years and decided to return to sports. Need support, possibly, for my old merits. So that would be great, to organize a separate facility for such athletes.

There are strong schools for rowing and weightlifting in our country. Frankly speaking, I'm an athlete without sports. I follow those sports more, in which my friends participate. Well, for weightlifting, of course. It is enough to remember the legendary Leonid Taranenko, jerkers Alexander Kurlovich, Valeria Sharia and Andrei Rybakov. We have a great weightlifting school. I think, that in our country we need to build a center for weightlifting and weightlifters.

Belarus is a worthy country in the center of Europe. And the most important thing for her is a stable and peaceful sky over her head. ", - said Aryamnov.

A source: Tribuna