Agapitov: European Championship in Moscow postponed until the fall

European Weightlifting Championship, which should go to 2020 in Moscow, moved from June to autumn. This was reported to TASS by the head of the Russian Weightlifting Federation (FTAR) Maxim Agapitov.

Maxim Agapitov. Photo: TASS

In March, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) announced the transfer of the tournament, to be held with 4 by 12 April, for the period with 13 by 21 June. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament will not be able to take place even in these terms.

“Everyone understands, that in this situation, all countries are blocked, it is not possible to collect all. And Moscow is blocked, and clear, that the situation will not change in the near future. In an interview with the Secretary General of the European Federation [weightlifting] i designated, that the tournament must be rescheduled, because two months are left before the indicated dates. Naturally, in such a situation we cannot do anything, so I suggested October”, – Agapitov said.

The European Weightlifting Federation later reported the transfer (EWF). “Unfortunately, the situation at the moment has not become better compared to that, what was 10 Martha. EWF Executive Committee examined the current state of affairs and decided to postpone the European Championship again 2020 of the year. The new tournament date will be determined later.”, – EWF Secretary General Hassan Akkus in a letter to national federations, provided by TASS Agapitov.

Coronavirus-induced disease outbreak recorded at end 2019 years in central China and later spread to most countries. 11 March, the World Health Organization recognized it as a pandemic. During all this time, the coronavirus was infected more 1,9 million people, about 120 thousand. have died.

A source: TASS