Happy Birthday, Valeri Shari!

Valeri Shari

Today the legendary weightlifter celebrates his 75th birthday – Valery Shary. Honored Master of Sports. Olympic champion 1976 of the year. World champion (1975, 1976). European champion (1975, 1976). The weight classes 82,5 and 90 kg set 13 world records and 15 records of the USSR. His record in the amount of the classic triathlon for athletes of average weight (527,5 kg) It called eternal.

The press service of the national team congratulates Valery Petrovich on his birthday, желает крепкого здоровья, optimism, long life and success!

Valery is still engaged in weightlifting, involved in its development, and shows an example of the present generation. Actively engaged in coaching.