The International Olympic Committee is satisfied with the policy IWF

Executive Committee Meeting Mezhduanrodnogo Olympic Committee was held in the framework of the XXIII General Assembly of ANOC, held last week in Tokyo. a number of issues were considered in preparation of the upcoming main start every four years in the capital of Japan in the summer 2020 of the year.

In particular, the IOC Executive Board at the meeting noted the positive steps, taken by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) to strengthen its anti-doping program. This applies to the newly developed qualifying tournament system for the Tokyo 2020 Games.. according to the criteria, the number of available quotas for each country is related to their anti-doping history and the fight for clean sports.

The suspension of work and monitoring of nine national federations for a period of one year is also noted., the introduction of new strict anti-doping rules and the lack of positive doping test results at recent tournaments under the auspices of the IWF. Nevertheless, IOC will continue to actively monitor the work of the federation.