IWF to Allocate to National Federations $500 thousand.

International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) will support national associations and unions in this sport.


After appropriate consultation, received more 130 applications for additional financing from different countries.

Средства на поддержку национальных федераций по тяжелой атлетике IWF возьмет из запланированных на программу развития, which involved international seminars and the supply of sports equipment.

"After the cancellation of a number of competitions in the world due to the spread of infection, revised and cost estimates. Help from IWF will allow athletes to prepare according to plan, and after the abolition of a number of restrictions, spend these funds on travel and accommodation teams to participate in competitions under the auspices of the international federation. To be eligible for additional financing, national federations must submit a budget and report on their financial activities to the IWF ”, - the message says.

Iwf also, after consultation with the International Olympic Committee, will not pretend this year to pay in advance expected from the Tokyo Summer Olympics, relying on own funds.

A source: NOK belarus