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Tokyo 2020

Korotkin Valentin

Head coach of the national team

Born 12 August 1954 , in Mogilev region – Honored coach of the BSSR. He became the youngest winner of this title in weightlifting Belarus, It is only 31-year-old.

In the national team of Belarus – with 1993 of the year. He has been appointed head coach for the women's team in 2008 year, and later 5 years led the national squad. In January 2017 , he became the head coach of the women's team of Belarus.

Educated Honored Master of Sports Sazanoveц religion. Also I worked with Vitaly Derbenyov, Vadim Streltsov, Ruslan Doroshukom and other eminent weightlifters.

Being a professional athlete, He acted in a weight category to 82,5 kg. Three-time champion of the Byelorussian SSR. Three-time winner of the BSSR Cup. The winner of the BSSR Games.