Aryamnov: In life I'm a businessman, just do not have money

journalist "Stars" I met with Andrei Aramnau in the Republican Center of Olympic preparation "bevy" - now this is where he spends most of the time. After the World Cup Andrew has already distributed several interviews, Yes, and for their rich variety of events career weightlifter accustomed to the frequent visits of journalists, therefore agrees to talk directly, without the consent of issues and questions.

Photo by Anna Zankovich

Taking a walk on the sports complex, witness, how to Andrew and then people come - dining room staff, coaches in other sports, local fishermen. They congratulate Aramnau with victory, although at the World Cup, recall, he became the second, wish athlete success and say, that will support him to continue. Andrew thanks passers, someone warm hugs, someone shakes hands. Involuntarily the question arises: Is this the Aryamnov, that continually expresses a provocative things on the Internet and chudit? And he, turning to us, He starts talking about, that in the "swarms" is a beautiful lake, near where he spends his weekends fishing rod. It comes mainly carp, There are carp, the fish is very tasty, because the lake clean. Main part of the catch Andrew gives familiar, something dry for yourself. "You can move away from the competition, abstract, which is important for serious sports. Otherwise, the cap may explode ",- says athlete.

After Beijing 2008, when Aryamnov at the age of 20 became the Olympic champion, his biography became similar to a roller coaster. Athlete arrested while driving drunk, disqualify, be held criminally responsible for repeated violations, and he gave one another scandalous interview. I left the big sport and returned. He was seriously injured and, it would seem, "Tied" with weightlifting forever, but suddenly three years later he returned. how to! First was the silver medalist of European Championship, and then he took "silver" of the World Cup, then he said, that he intends to go to the Olympics in Tokyo.

"In a normal weightlifter rival one - bar"

- Let's start with the World Cup. Are you satisfied with the performance and weights, there are raised?

- Get all, what is planned, a little more. My last world record was for a long time - did not expect, that set a new turn now!, but my character has worked in the right direction.

- Maybe, this world championship showed, over what still needs to work in a pre-Olympic year?

- There is one point. Before this start, I weighed a lot, I reached 122 kg, so I had to urgently to dry, to drive weight. This had implications: there were times, when fatigue won, even arise dizziness. I worked at the maximum, that is not very good at my age. I want to, that all happened quietly.

The last World Cup It was just a few months after, I returned to the team, in weightlifting. TO European championship I managed to prepare myself better, because a part of national team Still more convenient to prepare, than at home. I declare, I want to become a double Olympic champion. the Olympics, probably, It will be the last for me, so it is now - the main thing for me.

- It is difficult to keep in peak form 31 year?

- It is difficult to get a new result, easier to return old. Now it is difficult psychologically, because most of the responsibility will fall on the person, which will go to the Olympic Games, You will need to work on 100%. have experience: when something does not turn out. so, you need to prepare a good margin, so that these thoughts do not interfere with raising the bar.

- Because, Olympic licenses that our team at least, in collective tensions?

- Maybe, at coaching staff these moments are felt. In a normal weightlifter rival one - Rod. Who is more raises, and the list of the participants. I always advise young athletes do not engage in this nonsense, did not try to fight each other, and it is better to raise the result, from which it all depends. Any backroom games should not be, but before the Olympics is still far, early to tell, anyone where he was going, - may be, games and will start, although would not want. Now we have a very young team, the most important task, and my coaches - to create a new team, which at the Olympics in Paris will speak thoroughly. maybe, and I will be a part of that team. You have to be prepared in advance.

"I know, God helps me "

- When did you decide to return to the sport, even then your goal was Tokyo, or just now, when everything began to turn again?

- I received a very serious injury, after which he could not think of a future sports, I started blogging, manifest themselves in social networks. It happened, He showed that exercise and felt, the leg stopped hurting. I had a spark of hope, what, if I begin again to engage, anything can happen. With every passing day and with each passing month came more confidence, and, if the result started to look like the world, leg at all stop worrying. I know, Who am i, I know his strength, his mind, I know, that helps me God, so I decided to fight to the end.

- What reaction have met, when it announced its return?

- Few people believed, Still, I always say a lot of things. Relatives and friends are accustomed to, I am alien thing. No one knows, I have in my head, but I proved all the result.

- Suppose, that you get in Tokyo. What the Olympics will be easier for you, The first or current?

- Every competition formed in different ways. At the moment, this championship for me was the most difficult of all competitions. I had a very strong opponent - Simon Martirosian. He is young, perspective. This will be a very interesting battle. If all goes, it should be, Beijing Olympics, and some were not so, that will take place in Tokyo.

- That, that you become an Olympic champion 20 years old, - plus or minus?

- AT 20 years, I have received finances, I changed life. Especially at that time, I have not had any work up, no nonsense workout, I wanted to try everything, do all sorts of experiments. Good, now I have a little grown up and calmed down, many things I have no interest. As a young man tried everything, that it was necessary to try to youth, and now behave easier.

"In life I am a businessman, Only there is no money "

- For a few years, you have moved away from the sport. What then engaged, how to live?

- I left somewhere in the end 2014 of the year, at the beginning of the first 2017 he returned to the team. All the while engaged in teaching activities and all sorts of nonsense - which I have just not worked! I was lucky, I was able to return, all the more so good to be back. Many look at it with envy, because some of it is impossible to make a good career weightlifter, and I is the second burn. Few people realize, it is not just luck, but at least God's support. I love the world, and I love it.

Of course, if more than half a lifetime sport and dedicate you it takes a huge part, it is nothing to fill, you are in constant search, come and good, and bad thoughts. When they come the bad, can break, I have had many such moments. There were problems with the law, I continued to drive drunk driving, I then seized the car, I was under house arrest, Then the problems started with inspections under house arrest, I wanted to go to jail. What did not happen, but in the end I broke down, I helped sporty character. Few people get out there, I crawled out from. Of course, here our sport a problem - in fact, that athletes, who leave, does not help. After the victory at the Olympics you have to start again from scratch. The first year after leaving, I worked for 50 dollars in the sports school coach. Good, that I did not sell anything, kept apartment. I'm sure, I was again waiting for. The last time on, that is injured and was not ready for such (but before the injury was so overwhelmed and training regime, just mentally could not stand), insomnia, and appeared half-crazed state. Now it seems: one side, OK, that the rest, on the other - would not be able to get out of there.

- There is an act, which you regret?

- Always they have. I have now all is well, so I could confidently say, it was a great school. On the other hand, whether it was me this transfer? And psychologically it was difficult to, and family problems arose: it could collapse. sorry, I could not speak at all Olympics, because he was not experienced enough, to think in the long term. Conflicts with coaches, although they can not be avoided, coaches want me to press the nail, and my character is not possible. all wrong. Now I was getting ready to fourth Olympics, and it would be great.

- only the lack of money then made you go into coaching?

- I'm not gonna finance, to "stir up" business, and when I have seized the car, especially since there was no means. In life I'm a businessman, just do not have money, always I leave them for later, and then they spent. I used to have an expression - "can not be worse", now I know, that at any moment can be even worse, as it may seem, all is lost. Now I know, prize that will come for the World and European Championships, for world records, specially threw card, their chance to not spend. We expect replenishment in the family, so instead of the apartment we would like to build a big house.

Working with children - it is a good, interesting experience, In general, I feel, that I get to coach. Now there is no way to deal with children, I work with adults, just put a good base, people to understand, what is weightlifting. In my opinion, the world's few accurate correct pedagogy in weightlifting, Soviet school was based on medicine and healthy young people, Now came the era Aramnau, where important subtle technique. Train online, but it takes me was a little expensive.

- Meets whether your earnings are now?

- Of course not. You always want to get more, because it takes a lot of training on finance. The more expensive the car, the more expensive its maintenance, the more I balk at the result, the more money it is necessary to maintain form.

- Journalists love you for your candor. Once I had to suffer after the spoken words?

- Many times. Often journalists have interpreted my words wrong, including because of this, my career does not seem so good. Fall and coaches, and team, and my family. I'm very sorry for that. After each interview, tell me: "Andrew, can, it is not necessary at all to be interviewed?" But I can not, because my mediality including helped me return. There were a lot of insults, but the result, that I turned, - slap the, who insulted me.

- seems, It is through this honesty and openness, and you love to fans.

- Yes, I was formed in the minds of many people as a completely honest and open person, through that in my life there were good people, who helped, supported. Victory and my return - for the most part is these people, not my hard work or technique. Sometimes, showered me with money, Only that I did not give up and came back. Thousandfold grateful to, who helped not only financially, but also psychologically.

- What advice would you give yourself today young and every young athlete?

- Himself - never give up. A young athletes - to try to feel your sport, his technique. I as a teacher faced with the fact, that in the pedagogic much wrong. Many become teachers of despair.

I would advise athletes to learn to do everything ourselves, and then do not regret their mistakes. Of course, you need to listen to the coach, but draw their own conclusions. And be sure to study science, because without sport medicine and science today - not a sport.

A source: Daria Lobazhevich, "Star"