Andrei Aramnau : I do not consider myself an opposition

Olympic champion Andrei Aramnau speculated about the situation in Belarus.

– How do you feel about protests?

I think, that we have a free state, we can and must express our opinion and our citizenship.

I can not tell, who has won. Although all over the world the elections were recognized as valid. Because of this, it is difficult to argue with the results.. But judging by the fact, what is happening on the street, I do not think, which is still 80%…

although there is no, better not: because of, that a lot of people take to the streets and protest, I think, the state should think and still hear the people, protest of the people. I myself, like nobody, I know how cruel our justice is. I was denied and the scholarship, and the cars were confiscated, and fines are sometimes overwhelming for the people.

– Do you support Lukashenka or not?? It doesn't matter who you voted for, just like a person, as president, as a leader?

To start: I do not consider myself an opposition. Who enrolled me in it, that idiot. Farther: Lukashenko is the current president of Belarus for me. Of course, I disagree with many things, what is happening in our country. But I also can't help but agree, that there are good points. Still, we had order before and everything was paid on time. Now the situation has changed, people went because of that, that the main part of the country has the wrong income, which he promised.

We have a punishment system at the European level, and the beggarly reward system, understand? People, even those, who work around the clock and destroy their health, can't make money, to live normally, understand? Honored people, who plow all their lives, may end up in a landfill at any time. People don't get it, they deserve. We have a hard-working people, but in the end the power is on this and goes, on this neck. Anyone can get tired.

I think, the president must hear the voice of the people and in the near future make life not in Belarus, and Belarusians are better, better and more affordable. The bulk of people live from hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck. It's not about, to save money. We pay our debts all the time, the whole country is in debt, people are tired, people work very hard, and there is nothing in return.

Those salaries, about which it is said, - it is not true. Salary level, especially outside cities, - Miserable. A little higher 100 dollars, understand? People live in slavery, can say.

I think, you need to change it, the president should give the people a salary, people should be happy. clear, that the whole country is being built, but we shouldn't build it at our own expense, we already pay taxes, but such a feeling, that the construction is carried out at the expense of money from the people.

I urge people to talk more constructively with the state, and the state - to hear the people. I urge, so that the riot police calm down, because I myself am a warrant officer of the armed forces, I took the oath and I know, what does it mean. I urge law enforcement agencies to remember and abide by the oath.

I urge you not to disgrace yourself, neither side, nor punish people, who express their civil position, because a person has a right to it, - quotes Aryamnova

A source: Pressball