Daria Naumova: there is stock

The only representative of the fair sex, which brought the medal to the treasury of the Belarusian team three awards in the past not so long ago the world championships in weightlifting in Ashgabat, It became Daria Naumova. Silver medalist at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro could be noted by small "bronze" and "gold" in the snatch and clean and jerk, respectively,, the sum of the biathlon representative Bobruisk school stood a step away from the highest step of the podium.

- Daria, How to prepare for the international forum and in what form we approached to enter the Turkmen stage?

- Understand, that year forced outage due to disqualification of Belarusian weightlifters allowed to catch more. As for me, it was able to heal all the injuries, quietly paying attention to those aspects, who previously somewhere and could escape. So that they are ready for the World Cup purposefully, without forcing the process, so as, to show good results.

- Leaves, long pause benefited?

- Did, in some sense, we can agree with it.

- How to assess their condition before the performance in Ashgabat?

- I can not say, that came to the competition in full readiness to set new personal bests and leave rivals far behind. At the same time say, that close to their personal records about 90%.

- from themselves waiting for the medal achievements?

- Of course, always a priority, at least is getting to a place closer to the top three. About, fourth - sixth place. Already immediately before the start it becomes clear, with whom will compete and how much weight they have ordered. From this and the need to make a start, fighting for the palm.

- In both exercises, you have done without thwarted attempt. On the platform we have put into practice all conceived?

- Get everything and a bit more. Objectives have been achieved, as evidenced by elevated kilograms in the snatch and clean and jerk. At the same time I had some margin, but it should be left for later, when the time comes to deal with more serious problems. After all, you need to gradually approach the upcoming Olympic Games, adding a total of. Need an incentive for further growth indicators, to Tokyo for 2020 to come fully armed, demonstrating the capacity limit.

- Interesting, that the breakthrough could bring you a medal of the more precious metal ...

- Yes, one of the athletes of the group B, that is, not from the cohort of the strongest, I took the same 108 kilograms, and me too. I can say, that at first I thought the coaches had to play it safe and say less weight, to be able to fight for a reasonable amount of biathlon.

- In the clean and jerk as you have shown yourself great ...

- There was a complete self-confidence. again, the stock has been in both exercises, that is, I can count on more in the future. The potential need to deploy to the main start every four years. Time still missing, It will suffice starts, to gradually bring itself. You do not need to relax and, otherwise talk, necessary to maintain the necessary balance to the Olympics.

- After a year of non-participation in the international competitions in Ashgabat noticed any new trends in the competitive process?

- Actually, In addition to changing the boundaries of the weight categories, nothing has changed. logically, that new serious rival, which it was possible to see in the world championship. Now there's an idea, what they can do and what they have the potential for growth.

- Who exactly has attracted attention?

- In my weight category up 76 kg strong representative Korea Yong Sim Rome. Forced to talk about himself Chinese Wang Chzhouyu, became world champion. He pulled up to "high society" weightlifting ekvadorka Nels Barrera. Well, my implacable opponent - Spaniard Valentin Perez, which constantly compete.

- By the way, why were in Central Asia in the non-core category - up 81 kg?

- I always wanted to test himself in a Heavyweight. I consulted with the coaches, and we decided, you can try. In this case, no special role played.

A source: “Sports panorama”.

Author: Andrew Ilenya.