Brat-2 and Rod. Konstantin Kurowski about sports, family and love

Grodno weightlifter Constantine Kurowski at the recently concluded in his hometown of the national championship again won - for the second time in his career.

The first triumph of the pupil Gennady Kurovskiy happened two years ago,. About tom, why it was not so difficult to win, plus work under the authority of the father, relations with weightlifter Catherine from Moldova - in an interview with the newspaper Sportivnaya Panorama.

"Constantine.", you recently celebrated your 19th birthday. Probably, victory at the national championship has become for you the best present from yourself?
- You could say that. speak, coach did not doubt my victory? Naturally, words pleasing, but this time it turned out, in the weight category up 109 kg of serious competition not to be expected. It would have been Aramnov, but he did not come to Grodno… I did one approach each exercise also because, I have hand injury, and that it does not worsen, I decided to start this no hurry to show the maximum, which is capable of. He revealed about 70% their capabilities. At the same time he could not let the team of the Grodno region - to be sure to get out on to the platform and earn points for a win in the general treasury. Grodno Region, as it should be, I was in the top three.

- As far as in this case, it is interesting to go on the platform, if deliberately clear, that Victor was in your pocket?
- Naturally, other emotions, when you are at the highest step of the pedestal, after going through the struggle, when it comes to difficult.

I remember the European Championship among youth before 15 years four years ago. Then, too,, as the saying goes, He won on "one leg". I made six approaches then, but after the first it became clear, that no one can "get" me. Naturally, wanted to win, it was a debut in international competitions, but, again, joy did not overwhelm. On the other hand, going to the continental championship, set a goal to raise a specific weight in both exercises at the official start. And it turned out. Therefore, such a motivation takes place at the weightlifters.

- How is it at all - working under the supervision of a loved one?
- Yes, there are no cons. true, I don’t know about other weightlifters, but my father and I have complete understanding in the training process and in competitions. Probably, I will focus only on one moment. As you know, I have three more brothers. And only the youngest is not involved in weightlifting. So here, Robert, who is now preparing to speak at the European Championship among athletes before 15 years old, very similar in character to his older brother. And he didn’t really agree with his father in this sense, their cooperation was a little tight. Therefore, I believe, what if Robert and dad have difficulties, then they’d better not train together - the effectiveness of training will suffer. However, it's too early to talk about it, because Roberta is led by a team of three coaches, and the main thing in her is father. Although, probably, It will be easier for Robert to get along with him..

Konstantin and Gennady Kurovsky at the 2019 Belarus Weightlifting Championships in Grodno

- The Kurovsky family - sports. I know, that mom is an athlete. Were you jealous, sons, to weightlifting?

- She only welcomed that, that we follow in the footsteps of father, because in this case we will always be near dad. And it will be easier for him to cope with raising children. And the bar only contributes to this. At the same time, Gennady Valentinovich never agitated us to go to weightlifters. And I did not push with offers to try myself in other sports. Me, eg, lured to hammer throw, Robert did football. Dad offered him a fight, something else. And in the end, all three liked the "iron games". Personally, I haven’t tried anything else.. I came to weightlifting at an early age - and stopped at it. This is my sport, who himself chose me.
- Interesting, and the youngest - seven-year-old Yaroslav - will also follow the example of the brothers?
- I can’t say anything here. it seems, which is unlikely. And I, to be honest, I would not want this. As the saying goes, there are enough of us, there must be some kind of diversity in the family. Now he is practicing judo. If you stay or choose some other martial arts, I will only be “for”. (smiles.)
- Your beloved girl also “tears and pushes”, but not in Belarus. Where is she from?
- Katya lives in Moldova. Three years ago, in March, was at the training camp in Bobruisk, and there their team just worked too. Then they arrived in Belarus for the first time, and always have a part of three girls. Mid-term and sister Katina. I have it before and did not know on any event not seen. When I saw her for the first time in the hall, it is not skipped a beat in anything. So it was not love at first sight. (smiles.) Even more to say: I did not like, because they behave too pathetic. But, as it turned out, she behaves so only with strangers. I am not acquainted with the girls, not communicated, because I was recovering from surgery and nothing else I do not want to think. By Moldavanka interest was shown by our other children - more unfettered. But at the end of the collection, we have to communicate with Kate. We are sitting on a bench, and she sat down next to me. I was surprised, but even more - when he realized, she's just a girl. not so, which has positioned itself at once.
- And how did you come to communicate after, as the dispersed?
- Kate found me in social networks, started writing. Then I do not even register on Skype was not - at her request started the. Just did not particularly fond of communicating online. We see each other in international competitions and, yet again, the training camp, Moldova when the team arrives in our country, or we them. Unfortunately, it is not often, as we would like. true, Now we are able to see each other more often.
- Netryvyalnaya History. And as you see the further development of relations in such circumstances,?
- Did, everything depends on the people and their desires. For some, the distance - the decisive factor is not making plans, and for someone - a real challenge. After all, if the difficulties, and they are always temporary, Two people overcome, then later it seriously unite them, and feelings become even stronger. I think, me and Katie all turns out just because, that there is a lot in common. We are engaged in the same business, and therefore are conducting quite a similar lifestyle: train, rest, especially never walk. It seems to be, and there is time in athletes, but not so simple. let us say, two training sessions a day, but there are more and Study. During the day can be written off somewhere in the messengers, and in the evening to talk on Skype.

Photo from the personal archive of Constantine Kurovskiy

- You have to "strand" of the figure of an athlete. How it manages?
- I think, I look not so good. I have in this sense, the role model - Russian Dmitry Klokov, too weightlifter. This is the man, which has achieved a lot, not only as an active athlete, but also as a promoter of the sport. I just admire, he looked, being
to aid. When you look at his body and can not be said, that he was engaged only in the bar. rather, bodybuilding.
- In November, the memorial will be held in Grodno Alexander Kurlovich - international license to the Tokyo 2020 tournament. Did you manage to perform there?
- I would like to, but hardly, because the guys will come to the platform, who are preparing to win a pass to the Olympics next year. We'll see. If that - it would be just great!

A source: “Sports panorama”
Author: Andrew Ilenya
Photo and video: Weightlifting Belarus