Vadzim Likharad: Knowingly took the country's flag

Interview Vadim Likharad newspaper “Sports panorama”

Star pupil Grodno school weightlifting Vadim fever really shone at the recent world championships in Ashgabat.
Sunny Ashgabat, which hosted the World Cup, It became a happy place for the 25-year-old native of Lida. In the Olympic weight category up 73 kilograms fever passed forward only the Chinese and South Korean Shi Chzhiona Chzheonsika Vaughn. "Bronze" in the snatch with the result 343 kg (156+187) on the debut planetary forum - is not a reason to get acquainted with the winner?

- Vadim, what price you had to pay for the "bronze" success at the World Cup?

- At the European Championships in Croatia in 2017 seriously injured - he tore knee ligaments. More than a year was spent on restoration: the operation, then rehabilitation. Go tell, that all this time and later, when he could train, in my head were the same thoughts: I go to the World Cup, not in order, to take in the final minutes of the 5th or 6th position. Otherwise, why would recover and work? Yes, at first, with the resumption of the training process, it was hard, knee still somewhere
worried. Able to cope with all this.

- The coach of the national team, Mikhail Solodar the eve of the World Cup said that, that feverish muscles are ready to conquer the podium, the main thing, to morally everything turned out ...

- I will say, that worried, jim-jams before the start of present - after all it was the first world championship for me. But all through this pass. Worried about the result, in some cases even he feared some unforeseen circumstances, which might be surprised. But after a couple of days after arriving in Ashgabat these experiences somewhere vanished.

- Especially to do something for, to calm the excitement is quite understandable World Cup debutant?

- Try to distract, to drive away bad thoughts. And indeed, advance about his own speech did not want to think, visualize, to yourself ahead of time, what is called, do not cheat.

- You've come to the World Cup with the personal flag of the Republic of Belarus ...

- Yes. I have already said, that went to Turkmenistan to win award, not less. because knew, Symbols that country must necessarily be with them. And already there is one God knew, as I can speak. I took the flag, and for good reason.

- You can say, Now it will be your mascot?

- Probably. But just now be with me in all competitions.

- coach of the national team say, Now that your performance in training just does not know borders. And you're someone to be?

- I will say, what, when I was somewhat younger, example of the work on the platform for me was the silver medalist of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens Andrei Rybakov. I sympathize with him, in terms of human qualities and there was no claim to it. But most of it is of interest to me, of course, athlete. Looking at him, I began to understand, to accomplish something, gaining weight lifted, you must first properly otpahat, giving himself in training. I can say, some wonder, asking, how to work so hard. Even jokingly referred to as a robot. But I'm used to this intensity and fatigue did not feel strong.

- Victor Shershukov says, that overestimate the presence in the team of Andrei Aramnau impossible, he's a great stimulus for all to experience a serious ...

- It can give good advice, associated with the technique of the exercises. Besides, Andrew talks about the important nuances, associated with the psychological attitude. Of course, his experience is all, who is in the national team, good service. Plus,, which is also important, and what the right says Victor E., Aryamnov - one of the competitors in each national team. Such rivalry always makes move forward, work more. Although we had in different weight categories, therefore do not directly compete.

- Your long-term goal - the conquest of the license in Tokyo 2020?

- course, but first - the performance of the international license tournament in Qatar, which the
It will be in December. In April next year will be held on the continental championship, which also take part. Priority - Olympics, not for nothing that they are called the main start every four years. The main thing - not to relax.

- The fate of weightlifting in the sense of its being in the program of the Games in question ...

- As far as I know, Tokyo will perform exactly, As far as the Paris-2024 and LA-2028, the decision will still be accepted.

- ended on a positive note. Who first greeted with "bronze" World Championship?

- They, who made, flew to Belarus, without waiting for the completion of the championship. Therefore, he called all. A first - father, who is very happy for me. when I congratulated, almost let the avaricious man's tears.

Author: Andrew Ilenya
A source: newspaper “Sports Panorama ", 12 December 2018 of the year

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