Viktar Shershukou: We are being tested very seriously, and we are already used to living and training under this pressure

Weightlifting may be excluded from the Olympics. Yes, we already heard and read it. And more than once. But now, seem to be, everything is really serious.

The International Weightlifting Federation understands this very well.. Ayan, along with the post of head of the organization, lost the title of honorary member of the IOC Presidium and, in fact, declared persona non grata in sports, what freed up hands and languages ​​to many free or involuntary accomplices of corruption and doping schemes. But hardly this resignation, as well as the promise of the acting president of the IWF American Ursula Papandrea to do everything possible to investigate, can stop the speeding snowball.

All together it adds up to such a picture, which can easily complete the Olympic history of weightlifting. Or, conversely, let this sport, at last, really get rid of the dope loop. The head coach of men's national team of Belarus Viktar Shershukou also convinced: if the collapse of the sport does not happen, ultimately long-suffering weightlifting from impending scandal could win.

Viktar Shershukou, a photo: the press service of the national team

- Something like this was about to happen.. We all knew and were constantly confronted with politics., conducted by Tamash Ayan. But they could not do anything. As far as I know, four years ago a large package of documents was collected, Revealing IWF Authoritarianism and Corruption. The question was raised at the International Congress, copies sent to the IOC, but Ayan at that time was a member of the Presidium of the International Olympic Committee. Somehow, the case did not receive the proper course.. Two years ago, Russians tried to draw general attention to such facts., but also unsuccessfully. The situation was brewing, and now the abscess burst.

Belarus team from Ayan also got. In response to offers to make conditions for all teams, regardless of financial capabilities, equal, checks and sanctions followed. Now, according to the trainer, the whole sport was on the edge of the abyss, and only common sense of Thomas Bach can save him. In this case, weightlifting, perhaps, first get a really real chance to clear. Victor Shershukov agrees: after that, how all the operating schemes will open, hardly anyone would ever think of trying to cover doping drug - for money or without.

- The national team of Belarus did not fit into the previous system. We didn’t have that kind of money., and the position of the leadership of the Belarusian Weightlifting Union and the Board of Trustees was tough: do not enter into any illegal contacts with Ayan. On the other hand, at that, for the case to be investigated by Richard McLaren, Ursula Papandrea, current acting IWF, insisted. The goal was to reveal all that, what accumulated over the years in weightlifting. The facts there are very serious., and the consequences will be relevant. true, hardly for Belarus. Among those 40 hidden samples hit athletes, who were “profitable” to Tamash Ayan, Belarus never paid anyone for hiding samples. The McLaren report, eg, our side, conversely, mentioned among those, where the number of doping tests in recent years has grown significantly. We are being tested very seriously, and we are already used to living and training under this pressure.

A source: Security