Eduard ZIAZIULIN: Kurlovich predicted a great future for me

Eduard ZIAZIULIN - from those weightlifters, to whom the transfer of the Olympics in Tokyo for the summer 2021 years as if on hand. As of the current spring, the chances to cash out the only men's license for the team looked lower, than with Andrei Aramnau or Eugene Tihontsova.

The first is not getting younger: add lifted kilograms to 33 much harder, than at a young age. Well, the second has yet to get used to, that you need to bring yourself to the Olympic category, whereas heavyweight (over 109 kg) it is not necessary to control oneself. Natural mass growth is actually equal to the gain in kilograms. In his own weight at the recent World Cup Zezyulin, the youngest of the participants, was the most subtle. However, it still became the fourth at its debut adult planetary forum. Moreover, judges did not count Edward third approach in a jerk, seemed quite clean. Generally, considering progress, it is the 21-year-old world champion among juniors from Mogilev that is seen as perhaps the main candidate for a trip to Tokyo.

- Remember the emotions, with whom I met the news about the transfer of the Olympics?
- IOC pulled to the last with this announcement. April European Championship was canceled, and about the Olympics hesitated. Therefore fuse, of course, remained in training. Although it was already clear, that in the light of the abolition of all the qualifying spring competitions, the transfer is only a matter of time. Accepted, what is called, for granted. Pity. This is a hit for all athletes., who were preparing to perform in Tokyo precisely in 2020 year. But such is the necessary measure. And we are still in Stayki, still continue to prepare. Not only weightlifters are here - sambo teams, struggle, boxing, karate. Quarantine measures introduced, no entry and exit.

- Train, not even knowing, what and when next start?
- oh, Yes. Some kind of emptiness. Well, this should not be regarded as an opportunity to relax, but how happily had the chance to add to the results and show something more impressive, when all this chaos comes to an end.

- Seen from the side, that you’re just for the benefit of postponing the Olympics. Male team coach Viktar Shershukou noted: three people claim the only male license in Tokyo 2020. AND, it seems, in a year you will have better chances…
- Hard to say. I think, and this year I have, Andrei Aramnova and Zhenya Tikhontsov had approximately equal chances for a trip to Japan. The coaching staff would decide to the last. Of course, the European Championship in Moscow would clarify a lot, but not only he. Stress resistance would also be considered., and all other factors.

- Really? Despite Tikhontsov gold at the last world championship and silver Aramnova?
- There are many nuances. Yes, According to the results of the competitions in Pattaya, I seem to look the weakest. Occupied there fourth place, while the guys were in prizes. But! Uchti, that Tikhontsov performed in the non-Olympic weight category, that is not in his. He would need to lose weight and compete with stronger competitors, capable of more impressive kilos. And in front of me were two representatives of Armenia - Gor Minasyan and Ruben Aleksanyan. They won silver and bronze at the 2019 World Cup. Do not forget, that this team got into position, similar to ours. Due to doping sins, she has the right to delegate only one athlete to the Olympics.

- I conclude, that I would have felt within myself to fight at least for bronze? Despite the personal record for the total, which is equal to 432 kilograms.
- quite. 440 kilograms - the amount, which I was ready to conquer in Thailand on the “world” in September 2019. Alas, I can't. Everything went a little off plan. He was ripped off by the last, third, snatch approach. Do you remember? It was an attempt at a medal, but they didn’t count my approach. I still think, which is not entirely fair. Howbeit, it was slightly demoralizing. maybe, that’s why I’ve got some kilograms in the clean and jerk. And 440 - these are the numbers, which I can definitely collect for today.

- I was ready to raise the same amount on “Europe”?
- The form was very good. Vomited in training 200. Was ready even on 205, although the coaching staff stopped, to avoid injury once again. In the second exercise 240 pushed from the racks. Generally, readiness was optimal.

- What, by the way, for a story happened to one of your competitors for a license Vadim Fever, whose doping test was positive? Versions sometimes sound conspiracy…
- It was a blow not only for Vadim, but for the whole team and each of its representatives! we, honestly, were in shock! Like a sledgehammer on the head - this was not expected and could not be expected by anyone. Naturally, there can be no question of, that the fever used some illegal drugs. Attention to our team is now increased, and Vadim passed thirteen doping tests in a year. And according to the results of each control everything was perfect. Some details have already been forgotten - when exactly did his test turn out to be positive… Fact in another: a week later, WADA officers arrived again - and the Fever test was clean. Well here is how this is possible? I don’t understand completely. Dark story. We are still wondering, what happened and what it could threaten.

- Yeah… After this you will become even more disciplined and you will not take your eyes from your cup for a second.
- Everything was extremely meticulous before.. Everyone followed, what and where is drinking. Generally, tried to be as attentive as possible. They didn’t touch anything alien. Although yes, on this basis have become even more careful.

- In your weight category you are “underweight” - 135 kege, If so, it’s permissible to say anything about heavyweight. I don’t want to drop everything to hell and gain weight, because its growth is there and progress in kilograms?
- Ha! Of course, there is such a dilemma. No wonder our category is called the most prestigious. The world champion in this weight is considered the strongest man on the planet., and on the same platform guys are adjacent, which can weigh and 130, and 165 kilograms. The difference is sometimes colossal. Lasha Talakhadze has everything 170, other competitors - for 150. But from the very beginning, how did you do the barbell, everything said, that I will perform in the most difficult category. Really, I don't want to look, so to speak, shapelessly. Good, what are people in our history, which in this regard can be equaled. The same Alexander Kurlovich, Anatoly Pisarenko had an athletic physique and at the same time raised serious weights at the level of world records. On them and equal. Understand, you can't lift a lot of fat and fat. Some inertia, undoubtedly, there is. But muscle mass comes first, I strive for this. In the first stages, this worsens the results - changes in technology due to weight gain are required. But when you work it out, is for the good. Plus lets go old injuries.

- Talakhadze is the strongest man on the planet?
- Definitely! In the history of the bar no one has lifted such kilograms. records, moreover, their own, beats just grand. But really calm, confident person. However, it’s normal - it’s not necessary to fight those, someone close to you, but with a barbell. No rage in man. Goes into himself and does his job.

- There would again start a reform of the weight categories. How to fight, where they are competing in weight 130+.
- Unfortunately, nobody will do that. We have most athletes for 150. Literally units weigh at the turn 130.

- On Instagram, you slightly pirononirovany over the remark of the president. Alexander Lukashenko expressed bewilderment: as, breakwater, can live with weight 135 kilograms. Hurt?
- Ha! Not that hurt. Just he, so to speak, spoke out in a peculiar way. Don't think, that the president wanted to offend someone with these words. Perhaps, he generalized. Because the growth of the average person is equal 170-175 centimeters, and, of course, with such growth, such a weight is abnormal. We have bigger growth, and extra pounds do not affect health. I have 188 centimeters.

- Two years have passed recently from the day of death Kurlovich. I knew him?
- Yes. And he, by the way, predicted a great future for me. It was at the World Junior Championships in Tokyo in 2017, where he worked as the chief judge. Crossed at a banquet - he says: “Train, Edik, you will succeed!”

- But at the training camp there is probably a separate doppayk? Heavyweight and little guys, obviously, portions are not the same?
- course. for example, with Gennady Laptev we have completely different anthropometric data. Accordingly, different loads. My body requires a lot more vitamins and energy values.. During the training process, you have to eat up for your comrades. Laptev really does not eat the whole portion. Can easily give me an extra cutlet. But it's at the training camp. At the competitions, usually, Buffet. Take what and how much you want - unlimited amount of food. I think, so absolutely in any sport, where there are weight categories.

- By the way, drinking and celebrating with alcohol in your environment is common?
- Everyone chooses a hobby. Some drink, someone even revels… Although most weight lifters, probably, have a good time. Percentage - like ordinary people. After the competition there is always a banquet. Often there is wine in appropriate quantities.. there is, of course, person, who are abusing, but come on without surnames.
As for me, I prefer a different leisure. Recently carried away by reading. I understood, that you still need to develop. I read Chuck Palanick's Fight Club. Took on the advice of our doctor for Eduard Limonov “It's me - Eddie”. I love various kinds of interviews with interesting people. The same Yuri Dudya. All, what looked, I will not mention, but, eg, liked Dmitry Nagiev, my worldview is very close to me. Twice reviewed. except him, I note Lapenko, Burunov and Gorbachev. Films about Beslan made a huge impression, HIV and Kolyma.

- Many older athletes, same Aryamnov, claim, that sport was a salvation from the dangerous temptations of the street. Your case? Or Mogilev of the 2000s was quite calm already?
- It has long been… Perhaps, when threw badminton, really was a short period. Did not do any sport. Social circle adversely affected: and smoked, and skipped classes, and sport was not too interested. Fortunately, he changed his mind in time and turned off the dangerous path. Changed environment to society, interested in positive development, in health and future. And I don’t communicate with those guys from the word “completely”. true, some have a bad life. Even good. There are IT specialists, and they, who studies in prestigious universities in Minsk…

- “Aryamnov was my idol” - quote from one of your interviews. When he won gold in Beijing, you were nine. Didn’t you decide to go to the bar?
- Oh, not. Then I still did not get involved in sports and did not know in detail our famous athletes, including Andrey. Naturally, when I started weightlifting, met with Andrei Rybakov and Aramnov. I really liked the technique. In many ways, it was on Aramnova.

- Once you called him an “older ranger”…
- Friendly joke! It happens. In general, we rarely troll each other. I have great respect for him.. However, like him to me. Upon returning to the national team in 2018 year, he was a little obsessively giving advice to everyone, how to train and lift the bar, not considering any features and circumstances. Once again reminded of his presence. Peculiar person. I generally communicate with many very well. With the same Tikhontsov, Laptev. Even with Alexei Mzhachikom, despite the fact that he is my direct competitor in the platform - he also acts among heavyweight. We have a friendly atmosphere. Even with guys from other teams we communicate normally. I note Simon Martirosyan, who performs in the same category as Aryamnov. Israeli and Russian teams, of course, close.

- It’s difficult for a child to love the barbell, watching the competition on tv. How did you come to her at all?
- From the side of weightlifting, possibly, not so spectacular, like some kind of contact sport. I remember a deep childhood: stumbled upon some kind of competition, on the bar there was a weight far beyond two hundred - looked with interest, how do people deal with him. Well, in the section came in 14 years old. Pretty late, I agree. I thought: why not? Already then stood out among peers and classmates. I decided to go and liked it once, literally from the second or third training realized: it is mine. My first coach is Mikhail Alexandrovich Barkov.

- What I did before weightlifting?
- In childhood, probably, like peers, little by little. This is football from the age of five to six, but did not set, because there was, so to speak, "Fluffy". Then - swimming a year and a half or two. He even fulfilled the standard of a candidate for master of sports. Although I don’t remember, assigned it to me or not. And then for three years he was engaged in badminton. Was tall, stretched out. Sports, where endurance is really needed, if we talk about professional badminton. Fat guys can not stand the enormous load. true, I didn’t leave there for this reason. Just started to grow up and, so to speak, succumbed to public opinion. breakwater, unmanly sport. Generally, lost interest, Yes, and I had no professional prospects in badminton. As a result, he decided to tie. Probably, did the right thing.

A source: Pressball