Peter Asaonok: expected result, but I didn't get it

Peter Asaonok before the start European championship was named one of the favorites for the medal of the tournament. And this despite the transition to a new weight category for him. – 96 kg. Peter has never played in top tournaments in this weight before.. And here – immediately a medal! The two-time silver medalist of the European Championships told us in detail about the success..

– Peter, congratulations on the medal! expected, that you will climb the pedestal?

– Yes, yes! The medal we planned.

– How did you manage to show such a result?

– I didn't get the result. Perhaps because, that there were no international starts for a long time. And second place was predictable. I was well prepared and took good pounds in training and the championship of Belarus. So everything was expected.

– In connection with the transition to a new weight, your chances to go to the Olympics have become lower?

– Nothing is clear yet. You can't say anything in advance, because all five people are fighting for this license. Everything will be decided in June, when the only person has already been announced, who will represent Belarus at the Olympics. While I have a chance to go to a licensed start in Colombia, get the necessary points. Anything can happen. Therefore, I do not need to be discounted. Everything is fine, nothing wrong. I'm getting ready. And I have a chance to go to the Games.

– That is, you do not regret, what went into 96 kg?

– No need to regret. I'm not standing still, going forward. No regrets. I can and in 96 kg fight.

– Two years ago, you and your wife Julia won medals together European championship. But in Moscow she did not perform. Not offensive?

– Not at all. the main thing, that even now she was there and supported me. And in what role – athletes or wives – it does not matter. the main thing, that she is near.

The press service of the national team