Denis Atroschenko finished fourth at the European Championships for juniors and youth

Denis Atroschenko, Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski ,

Denis Atroschenko (61 kg) He took fourth place in the weight category 61 kg European Championship among juniors and youth, held in Bucharest, Romania c result 251 kg (115+136) in the double-event.

In the first attempt in the snatch Denis has not experienced working with a weight of 110 kg. In the second approach, our athlete snatched weight bar 115 kg. In a final attempt with a weight of 117 kg Denis cope failed. According to the results spurt stopped at the fifth position.

In the clean and jerk in the first approach, our athlete pushed weight shell 130 kg. In the second attempt Denis has successfully coped with the weight in 136 kg. In the third approach, Denis was unable to cope with the weight of 141 kg. According to the results took a shock second place.

Tomorrow, the European Forum of National team in the weight category 55 kg girls before 23 s present Lyudmila Psyschanitsa. Broadcast started in 11:30 Belarusian time.

Hrybouski Dzmitry