Eduard Zezyulin and Daria Naumova – the best weightlifters of Belarus 2021 of the year

Eduard ZIAZIULIN became the best weightlifter 2021 of the year, Daria Naumova – best in women.

This year the voting took place among journalists, all participated 20 Belarusian media representatives. The best among men was recognized Edward Zezyulin, put him first 16 journalists, total Edward collected 54 vote, on the second line is located – Peter Asaonok, in him 20 votes, “bronze” took the position Eugene Tihontsov with 19 voices.

Recall, Eduard Zezyulin has already been named the best weightlifter of the year according to fans in 2018 year. In the outgoing year, a citizen of Mogilev won a bronze medal in the snatch at world championship, where he became the fourth in the biathlon in the weight category over 109 kg. He also stopped a step away from the pedestal on continental forum. On European Youth Championship She won the silver medal. In addition, Eduard Zezyulin updated his own records of Belarus in the snatch, clean and jerk and the double-event.

The fair sex has become the best Daria Naumova – 53 vote, In second place Rina Litošik – 36 votes, the third was Alina Schepanova with 31 voice.

Daria Naumova was also the best – at 2019 year. On Olympics in Tokyo, the Belarusian took the fifth place. On European championship Daria Naumova won the bronze medal in clean and jerk.

The press service of the national team