Henadz Laptseu – man of the year Vitebsk region and Novopolotsk

Today, in a concert hall "Vitebsk" honored the winners of the title "Man of the Year of Vitebsk Region-2019". Among them is our Henadz Laptseu – European champion 2019 of the year, silver medalist of the European championship U23.

Photo: Oleg Klimovich, www.vitbichi.by

Gennady was also awarded the title “Man of the Year Novopolotsk – 2019”. A week earlier, our athletes have awarded in his hometown.

A source: Vector TV.

Henadz Laptseu expressed gratitude for the recognition:

“2019 year became my debut, because I won a serious level tournament – adult European Championship. This is my third victory in international competitions, so the 2019 th was formed for me very well”.

Henadz Laptseu

Victor Shershukov and Gennady Laptev

The press service of the national team congratulates Gennady being awarded honorary titles and wishes them further success in the international scaffolding!

The press service of the national team