Died Viktor Shershukov

Today, at the age of 68, the head coach of the men's national team died Viktar Shershukou. Recently struggled with cancer.

Born 27 February 1953 , in Khabarovsk (RSFSR). Honored Coach of Belarus. In the national team - with 1992 of the year. Shortly before the collapse of the USSR for three months he worked as chief coach of the youth team of the Soviet Union. He also headed the weightlifting team of the CS "Dynamo". For more than 20 years has been head coach for the men's team of Belarus.

In January 2017 He has headed the newly formed men's national team of the country. Also he worked as a chief coach in powerlifting.

Reared seven honored masters of sports of Belarus: Sergei Lavrenov, Alexander Anischenko, Gennady OLESHCHUK, Anna Batyushko, Sergey Lagun, Vadzim Straltsou and Victor Kalmuk (weight-lifting). He was awarded the medal "For Labor Valor", Order of the Fatherland III degree, Order Pochёta. Honorary citizen of Novopolotsk.

Belarusian heavy athletics Union, The national team of the Republic of Belarus, the press service of the national team expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Viktor Evgenievich! May he rest in peace! Bright memory, Dear Victor Evgenievich!

The press service of the national team