Psychologist and head coach of the national team take part in an international conference

Psychologist Viktor Zaika and head coach of the men's national team Viktar Shershukou took part in the 20th international scientific conference “Sakharov readings”.

20-International Scientific Conference «Сахаровские чтения 2020 of the year: экологические проблемы XXI-century » пройдет с 21 by 22 May. The conference will be held online, in connection with the current epidemiological situation in the country.

Victor Zaika's report will be read in the section “Environmental Education for Sustainable Development” on the topic: “Increase emotional
the sustainability of weightlifting athletes by means of psychological and pedagogical training”. Plenary session 21 May s 10 00 will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel conferences.

Conference Report


For reference: Victor Mikhailovich Zaika – psychologist coach of the national weightlifting team.

The press service of the national team