Eduard Zezyulin took 4th place at the European Championship

Eduard ZIAZIULIN took 4th place at the European Championship, held in Moscow. Our athlete showed the result in 424 kg (197+227) in the double-event.

In the snatch in the first set, Edward snatched 197 kg. In the second attempt, our athlete was unable to cope with the weight 202 kg. In a third approach, 203 kg he also did not obey. As a result of the snatch took 4th place.

In the clean and jerk in the first attempt, our athlete pushed the barbell with a weight 227 kg. In the second approach 233 kg Eduardo did not submit. In the third attempt 233 kg also remained unsuccessful for the Belarusian. Based on the results of the second exercise, took 4th place.

Lasha Talakhadze from Georgia became the European Champion - 485 kg (222+263), silver medalist Gor Minasyan from Armenia - 464 kg (216+248), bronze with his colleague on the national team Varazdat Lalayan - 445 kg (205+240).

The press service of the national team