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Andrei Aramnau : purpose – medal of the European Championship

Ready to show themselves at the European Championship in Georgia and Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 Aramnov. The famous weightlifter aimed at winning prizes at the continental forum. This big-name athlete told us during a training session in Novopolotsk: — У

Vadim fever

Vadzim Likharad – bar “heavier” faster, than I thought

Bronze medalist of the World Weightlifting Championships in Ashgabat 2018 Vadim fever (73 kg) pleased, how the collection in Novopolotsk. According to one of the most promising athletes of our team, he is willing to add significantly to its results.


Eduard ZIAZIULIN on the recognition of the best weightlifter Republic of Belarus 2018

Actively preparing for the new season and Edward Zezyulin. As you remember, according to our survey among fans, he was recognized as the best Belarusian weightlifter 2018 of the year. which, recognized, very surprised: - Honestly, Did not think, что за меня

Valentin Korotkin: On the way to the medals

Training camp began and the women's team of Belarus. Traditionally, Our girls are prepared on the basis of the Republican Center of Olympic preparation "bevy". He leads the team head coach of women's national team, Valentin Korotkin, который рассказал нам о ходе подготовки к


Video from fees in g. navapolatsk

Your attention is a little video from the collection of the national team in Novopolotsk! Enjoy watching.

Victor Shershukov

ambitious goals

Already next spring will end the first phase of qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Some of our athletes in March will go to the licensed tournament in Iran. А уже в апреле десятка лучших белорусских штангистов поборется за медали чемпионата