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ambitious goals

Already next spring will end the first phase of qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Some of our athletes in March will go to the licensed tournament in Iran. А уже в апреле десятка лучших белорусских штангистов поборется за медали чемпионата

Peter asaonok

Men's team begins the year with fees in Novopolotsk

Men's Team of Belarus weightlifting is at training camp in Novopolotsk and preparing for the next international competitions. The head coach of men's national team Viktor Shershukov invited for the next two weeks in the oil town 20 athletes. Among

The best weightlifter of the Republic of Belarus – 2018 of the year

Well, that ended our survey for the title “The best weightlifter of the Republic of Belarus – 2018 of the year”. The best in the opinion of the fans recognized Edward Zezyulin – European champion among juniors, owner 5 world junior record in 2018 году 2-ое

"Alexander was just such a - a man of incredible energy and decency". About Alexander Kurlovich remember his wife, colleagues and friends

Every year in the life of man, cities, the country celebrated its milestones. And life is, These milestones are both joyful, and sad. Time brings us his discoveries and their losses. If you cast a mind last year,

Belarusian weightlifters become Fellows of the Presidential Sports Club

Today at the National Olympic Committee of Belarus hosted a ceremony of awarding certificates 253 promising athletes (the age of 25 years old) and coaches (to 40 years inclusive), defined by the central council of the republican state-public association “President's Sports Club” для получения

5-the first international tournament to be held in Doha, Qatar

WITH 20 by 23 of December in Doha (Qatar) will be held an international tournament. The competitions are qualifying for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Tournament in the capital of Qatar, held for the fifth time. На данном турнире сборную Республики Беларусь представят