The last interview of Alexander Kurlovich

Photo Alexei Kovalev


This conversation correspondent of "joint venture" with the double Olympic champion took a few months before his sudden departure from life. But the unpleasant news of the disqualification of Belarusian weightlifters hurt injured fans "iron game" out of the blue-eyed. The flow of disappointing news was growing like a snowball, so it was decided to postpone the publication, until the situation will gain final clarity. Alexander Kurlovich willingly went on contact, when it came to sports. It seemed, More will be plenty of time and opportunities to talk with outstanding native of Grodno. But 6 April 2018 , the heart of a great man has ceased to beat ...

BEST CHILDREN - from remote

- Alexander, due to which the Belarusian weightlifter manage to show good results in the international arena?

- Really, beginning with 2000 , our athletes are constantly among the medalists of the Olympic Games. Moreover, There are all prerequisites for, so as not to lower the bar for the specified. We have a highly qualified trainers - both experienced professionals, and young teachers, hungry to win and do not give rest on our laurels their elders. Therefore, we can count on a decent performance on the main Belarusian weightlifters start every four years in Tokyo 2020.

- At the same time, with fans often there is an opinion, that the results of the national championships on the team leaders show is not the most optimal ...

- Did, everywhere should be consistency. Load, recovery, result, recession - and all begins again in a circle. We call it cycles. This statistic is not limited to members of the national team. Note, that is closer to the Olympics results in athletes markedly increased. Compare two protocols of the world championships before the Games, as well as subsequent, unlicensed planetary forums. Difference, to put it mildly, essential. Of course, and then loudly declare themselves the new athletes, but in general, there is a definite lull. With regard to the Belarusian squad, then we have significantly updated the compositions in the men's and women's teams. comes youth. I repeat - our coaches have repeatedly proved, they know how to cook real champions. Everything's under control. mentors know, what to do in any given situation.

- What it was bound by the decision of the division of responsibilities of the national team coaches?

- It is only at first glance seems simple weightlifting sport. Viewers see basically just a sportsman with a barbell and final protocols. But most interesting is happening outside the platform. Coaches at the pace, literally running count, What approach should make the athlete, there is a very real struggle. Much aggravated and in view of new rules. In this context, our top coaches put as an example. They are tactically. Commander of the national squad Viktar Shershukou and Valentin Korotkin We proved this repeatedly, And everyone - personally. Therefore, we try to consider all the smallest details in order to achieve good results. I think, that we were right, taking a decision on the division of male and female teams. Now there was even a kind of competition between the head coaches. However, they have a great relationship. Personally, I see only advantages.

- What is the situation in the regions?

- Weight lifting is actively developing. Significantly increased the level of training among children. Once or twice a year the competition is held among Youth. In this regard, I can talk more about the young athletes from Grodno. Now they show good results at the regional and national tournaments, regularly getting into the top five. I can say with confidence, that in the near future, these children will be able to show themselves on a more serious competitions. Come across a truly unique kids, especially from rural areas. maybe, It affects the beneficial influence of parents. Many boys and girls from an early age to help their fathers and mothers on the farm.

- Traditionally,, in recent years, Championship of Belarus held in Grodno. Does it hurt to popularize the species in other regions?

- Conversely, athletes, trainers and other professionals are all happy. For his part, make every effort to ensure, each participant feel comfortable and able to show good results. As chief judge of the competition try, I am considering my experience in international competitions, introduce various innovations in our tournament. It should express gratitude to the leadership of the State Customs Committee, Grodno region, as well as all employees of CSK "Neman" for coordinating the work. Yet traditional national championship is the main qualifying tournament for participation in the planetary forum. Therefore, everybody understands, you need to approach the matter responsibly. Joint efforts and develops a great result. certainly, in such a comfortable environment pleasant to work.

- Future plans?

- If you continue to hear any complaints from the contestants, we will organize the national championship here in the future. I would not like running too far ahead, but we plan to carry out the main republican tournament in Grodno during the whole Olympic cycle.

Valentin Korotkin, Alexander Kurlovich, Viktar Shershukou. Photo by Vladimir Ivanov (“Sports panorama”)

All tasks on the shoulder

- has been talk about, that weightlifting will be represented at the II European Games-2019 in Minsk, but the "iron game" were not included in the program multisport forum ...

- Unfortunately, This is true. However, I would like to reassure domestic fans of our sport. So, Belarus is among the candidates for the Junior World Championship. Certainly we will not be the only contenders for the organization of this championship. However, until we have a very good chance, taking into account the existing experience of international competitions. AT 2004 Minsk year already took junior planetary forum, and in 2010 - the European Championship. Since then, they have proved themselves at the highest level. Therefore, everyone knows: if we are given the right to hold an international tournament - can handle a hundred.

- Are there any prospects of the organization in Sineok competitions for Seniors?

- Of course, we can "pull" contest for weightlifters any format. But the reality is, it is very expensive. Even in comparison with the junior championships of. However, if there necessary funds, and we may well qualify for the World or European championship among adults.

OLYMPIC SELECTION - more difficult

- Now a lot of rumors about a possible punishment of the Belarusian team for doping transgressions in the past. Can you comment on the Technical Committee as a member of IWF?

- Of course, fact regrettable and definitely need to fight doping. In fact, our team want to be punished for offenses of past years. But let's not rush things and wait for the final decision of the international structures.

- IWF has made adjustments to the rules. If used with the same result, a particular advantage in Table exercise an athlete had a smaller own weight, henceforth he is above, who was the first attempt to cope with the identical ...

- The decision of the Technical Committee. The fact, that is carried out constant work to simplify rules. Everything is done in order, to make them more understandable to ordinary viewers. For example, If a person sees, that the athlete took 100 kg, the, respectively, his opponent must be heavier barbell, in order to stay in the protocol above. I do not rule out, what awaits us still a lot of innovations. Can, no such revolutionary, but still. maybe, weight categories will be corrected. Also elaborate on the changes of the selection rules for the Olympic Games. This systematic process.

- Nevertheless, disputes during the competition - not a rarity ...

- Yes, there are cases, when judges are highly subjective in relation to athletes. This is especially true of so-called "boosting". Under the rules of the elbows should be straight when lifting barbells, both in the snatch, and a push. But with the huge weight of athlete running at the limit, and then the movement of the joints are often fuzzy. At such moments, each judge in its own understands a particular case. As for me, the Dispute always try to be on the side of the athlete.

- At the Olympic tournament, Tokyo 2020 will be played on a smaller set of medals. However, the World and European championships has increased the number of weight categories. What is the reason for this decision?

- I do not see anything unusual. It is a common practice for many sports, when one or the other discipline represented at the planetary and continental forums, but is not included in the main program starts every four years. Weightlifting goes the same path.

- known, how much weight will be excluded from the Games program?

- Most likely, the changes will affect all categories. Certain suggestions received during the meetings of the executive committee of the IWF. According to preliminary information, adjustments will come into force in 2018 year. Olympic selection starts. As I mentioned earlier, eligibility criteria may differ significantly from previous cycles. If earlier for getting to the Games is mainly considered performances of athletes at world championships, now it planned to slightly increase the number of qualifying starts. Besides, abutment may be made directly with the individual licenses, rather than command, as it was before.

- There was talk about, that the Olympic tournament, the Japanese boom and the platform will be used in weightlifting in Tokyo. Does the athlete feel the difference?

- Five companies, equipment which can be used at international tournaments, have an IWF license: Swedish, Turkish, Japanese and two Chinese. With regard to the company of the rising sun, their products are available in various competitions have long been. Of course, a final decision has not yet adopted the IWF, but it's going to, athletes will compete on the Japanese equipment. by the way, Championship in Belarus, we used the platform of the company. If we talk about the differences, the athlete, It is in excellent shape, nothing can stop for successful performance. Of course, everyone has their own preferences with regard to the neck, weightlifting platform and other "little things". But you just need to be strong, Then - all on the shoulder.

- At the last championship of Belarus in Grodno on the platform indented ...

- The audience was very excited at this point, but all, Luckily, there were. Fully working time. Young athlete unable to cope with the weight, Rod unusual dropped on edge - a very rare phenomenon. In this situation, hardly any coverage will have no visible damage. Enough and not very heavy barbell. Yet platforms are designed to fall rubberized drives, instead of the metal neck. Also, the coating must not slide, that athletes feel comfortable during exercise execution.


- You rarely talk about yourself. How to maintain your fitness?

- Try to walk more. Specially I put the car in the parking lot, situated three kilometers from home. Otherwise, probably, lazy to. Well, I have a small bar. I work out every day for half an hour. But raise no more 50 kg. This is not a jerk and do not push, just regular exercise. It seems to me, live much more fun, when to keep yourself in good shape.

- You used every now and then to change the image: wearing a mustache, longish hair ...

- Oh, it's all in the past. Earlier, of course, anything can happen. Then this is cool. Yet in his youth he was Curly and gray. But since then a lot of time has passed. Now change the image does not want.

- Other sports interested?

- Would like to note, what, in view of my work in the Delegation of the National Olympic Committee of Grodno Region, I watch closely not only at weightlifting. I am very interested in football and, and hockey. I have a great relationship with the clubs, "Neman". With great pleasure to attend their matches. Especially happy for the players Grodno. They are not only adequately at the national championships, but also in European competition.

- That is good at ice battles thoroughly?

- Of course. After all, a child-youth playing hockey for the team dispensation. Then, probably, I was in seventh or eighth grade. I remember, we were laughing confrontation with a team of one of Grodno ZhESov. But chasing the puck even before, both came in weightlifting. Yet our sport in any case can not be combined with any other. Simply dangerous.

- In addition to sports, something fond?

- Did, about personal, perhaps, not worth it. I do not make it to the public.

A source: newspaper “Sports panorama”
Author: Kavaliou Aliaksei