Evgeny Tikhontsov and Victor Shershukov took part in the action “Belarus remembers. Remember everyone”

Eugene Tihontsov and Viktar Shershukou took part in the action “Belarus remembers. Remember everyone” and laid flowers in the tract "Blagovshchina".

Eugene and Victor Tihontsov Shershukov. Photo: the press service of the national team

We took part in the action, paid tribute to soldiers and victims of the Great Patriotic War. Each of them fought for a clean and peaceful sky in our time.. It is very important for us to remember the feat and the victims of this war., – He noted Eugene Tihontsov.

Viktar Shershukou. Photo: Vladimir Nesterovich, Press Service of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism

The war and the family did not pass by Victor Shershukova:

“This is a holiday with tears in his eyes. Two of my grandfathers died in the war, father came to Berlin and returned home with orders and medals. He was a boy at the front. These are hard memories for him., which he did not like to share, because before his eyes people perished. He visited a real meat grinder: and took Vienna, and Königsberg. This holiday — tribute to fathers and grandfathers, with which we make a promise to love and protect our Motherland. And we are always ready to stand up for our country in sports arenas.

During the war years, thousands of executions of civilians were carried out here not only from Belarus, but also deported from Germany, Of Austria, Czechoslovakia. Investigation established, that in Blagovshchina the Nazis destroyed more 150 thousands of people. The tract is part of the memorial complex "Trostenets".

In stock, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, Minister of Sports Sergey Kovalchuk and a number of Belarusian athletes and coaches took part, including Olga Vlasova and Vladislav Goncharov (trampolining), Ivan Yankovsky and Alexander Gushtyn (freestyle wrestling), Vladimir Kopytov and Maxim Negoda (Greco-Roman wrestling), Sergey and Dmitry Asanov (boxing), Dmitry Bazylev and Andrey Kazusenok (sambo), Vladimir Sasimovich and Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova (Athletics).

The press service of the national team
Press Service of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism