Alexander Cup 2019: the results of the first day (+video)

Henadz Laptseu , Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski ,

In Grodno started the international tournament in memory of two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kurlovich – Alexander Cup 2019. On the first day of competition on the platform of the Ice Palace has been played 8 sets of medals.

Yuliya Asayonak – in the new category

Woman opened the program of the tournament in the weight category to 49 kg. note, that joined the list of participants and Yuliya Asayonak , which was originally intended to serve its corona weight (to 45 kg).

understandably, Belarusian girl that in such a situation, it was hard to fight for a good result. Therefore, the main struggle was between a Chinese woman Zhang Rong and Nigoroj Aʙdullaevoj from Uzbekistan. However, Julia Asaonok not going to give up and decided their, albeit local, tasks. In both exercises Belarusian became the third, took 57 kg in the snatch and 73 kg – a push. According to the results biathlon Julia Asaonok also won the bronze medal with a score of 130 kg in Nordic combined.

Zhang Rong from China since the first approach each exercise has secured a gold medal. According to the results biathlon representative of China showed the result in 199 kg (91 kg in the snatch + 108 kg a push). Nigora Abdullayev became the second. Her result in the amount of – 163 kg (73 + 90). By the way, Nigora Abdullaeva – the youngest participant of the competition. she is only 15 years old!

After the award ceremony, Julia told Asaonok, Why at the last moment it was decided to change the weight class:

– Already the end of the season, and I think about the future. I begin to gain weight, to lift heavy kgs. Still, the results went into decline. Roughly speaking, Now I stocking up for the winter weight. Therefore, we conferred with the coach and decided to: competition in the category of up to 45 kg there, and 49 kg act prestigious. Still, Olympic weight. As for the small number of participants, the tournament is not in competition. More motivation for me to honor the memory of the eminent athlete – Alexander Kurlovich.

duel of champions

Although not the most impressive number of participants in the tournament, Grodno came many titled athletes. So, weight category to 55 kg I developed this elite battle. A gold medal claimed just three titled athletes: world champion Do Yatszun (China) and Zulfiya, and one more representative of the Middle Kingdom Zhang MINISTER – silver and bronze medalist of the planetary forum. Besides, venerable company participating was the silver medalist of the European Championship in Batumi-2019 Svetlana Ershova.

However, with the first approaches the main struggle is underway between the athletes from China. Besides, Zulfiya Chinshanlo acted not so well in the snatch, finished the first movement with a score of 85 kg. While Yatszun and Vantsyun particular problems of exercise did not experience, placing first and second positions respectively with the same result – 96 kg.

At the push of Chinese athletes continued their winning ways. Despite, Chinshanlo that until recently tried to improve their position. However, in the double-event the best was Do Yatszun217 kg (96 + 121). Second place went to Zhang Vantsyun – 215 kg (96 + 119). Zwlfïï Chinshanlo – bronze. her results – 200 kg (85 + 115).

Lack of motivation

In the second stream of the competition were men. In the weight category to 61 kg the platform came only two athletes, but highly acclaimed. Silver medalist at the World Cup Dream Igor from Kazakhstan and European champion (as well as the owner of bronze planetary forum Shota Mishvelidze from Georgia.

Unfortunately, athlete from Kazakhstan failed in his first two attempts 100 kg jerk and from further approaches gave. In this way, Shota Mishvelidze won with a score of 266 kg (123 + 143). After the speech, the Georgian athlete in an interview with noted Weightlifting Belarus, I was upset retirements rival. A special motivation to fight for a good result in Mishvelidze was no longer.

Belarusians – with medals, but without gold

In the weight category to 67 kg since the first approach was understandable, how space is distributed among the participants. And each of the athletes managed to please the fans.

He won the current world record holder in the snatch, Chinese Huang Minhang. He became Alexander Cup winner of the tournament with a score of 318 kg (151 + 167). Notably, Minhang that tried to wipe his own world record, but an attempt to 156 kg it is not subjected to. We must pay tribute to the fans Grodno: they support each athlete, despite his belonging to a particular country. Juan got the loudest applause. Please the audience record in Minhang not work, but a low bow fans sincerely thanked the Chinese athlete.

In an interview with Juan Weightlifting Belarus Minhang he shared his impressions of the performances:

– I had already planned to break his record. But do not expect, that give so much energy already on the first try. Unfortunately, more I did not have. But I'm not upset. Experienced positive emotions from speech at the Alexander Cup in Belarus!

And our second place Henadz Laptseu . He showed the result – 292 kg (132 + 160). It should be noted, that the champion of Europe-2019 in Batumi – so far the only athlete in the Alexander Cup, who obeyed all six approaches! After the award ceremony Gennady Laptev told us, he was glad, how it all came together in the tournament for him:

– Very pleased with himself. After all, the year was unusually heavy. And at the end of the season to show a good result – always great. Speak at the six approaches have been a kind of adventure. With the coaches did not know, what I am now ready. We started with a small weight, and then later, assessing their strength, We went to the maximum. It was nice to speak with native walls and hear the support of their fans at their same platform. But whether the tournament earlier in the year – I would have to win :).

Third place went to Italian Antonio Indoviglia252 kg (116 + 136).

He completed the second stream of the performance of athletes in the category of up to 73 kg. Special struggle between the athletes are not fastened. I won the champion of Asia Yuan Chenshfey from China – 341 kg (153 + 188). Second place went to Belarusian Vadzim Likharad 305 kg (135 + 170).

first records

The final stream first day of competition were women. In the weight category to 59 kg participants did not bring any surprises. Gold won the representative of Azerbaijan, world champion, three-time winner of the continental forums Boyanka Kostova 215 kg (95 + 120). Silver in Isabella Yaylyan – 202 kg (92 + 110), bronze – Chiara Pikkino (Italy) – 176 kg (82 + 94).

In the weight category 64 kg as a serious fight between the girls are not tied. However, not without records. I won by Chinese Juan Ting – 237 kg (107 + 130). She broke her own world record for juniors (105 kg) in the snatch.

The second result showed Kumuşxon Fajzullaeva from Uzbekistan – 218 kg (98 + 120) and set a new world record for girls. Previous achievement 97 kg also belong to this athlete.

Third place was taken by two-time European champion, Russian woman Natalia Hlostkina – 194 kg (84 + 110). After the speech, she appreciated the organization of the tournament:

– In Grodno – spotlessly clean. I like everything here, just perfect. The city is very interesting, peculiar, interesting. Organization – on the highest level, Just as in international tournaments.

In the weight category 71 kg were distributed as follows:: won Ekaterina Bykova (Kazakhstan) – 210 kg (93 + 117), The runner-up Iolanta Wind – 195 kg (88 + 107), She won bronze Marina Oman (Izral) – 175 kg (80 + 95).

course “gold”

Tomorrow, the second day of competition, on the Alexander Cup tournament will be awarded prizes in the weight category 81 kg and 89 kg in men, as well as in women – to 76 kg, 81 kg, 87 kg and above 87 kg. Belarusian team will present Igor Lozka, Peter Asaonok (both – 81 kg), Maxim Mudrevsky (89 kg), Daria Naumova (76 kg) and Dzina Sazanavets (81 kg).

After the first day in the Alexander Cup medal standings Chinese team, which account 6 awards in Nordic combined (5 gold and 1 silver). The second coming weightlifters from Kazakhstan – two medals (1 gold and 1 bronze). Belarus team closes the top three – we have three medals (2 silver and 1 bronze).

Live broadcast of the competition is available on our website and Youtube-channel. Also you can find Media guide, where you will find useful information about the tournament Alexander Cup.

Text and video: Kavaliou Aliaksei
Photo: Hrybouski Dzmitry, Weightlifting Belarus