"Alexander was just such a - a man of incredible energy and decency". About Alexander Kurlovich remember his wife, colleagues and friends

Every year in the life of man, cities, the country celebrated its milestones. And life is, These milestones are both joyful, and sad. Time brings us his discoveries and their losses. If you cast a mind last year, the name of the two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kurlovich speaks sadly it was such a big loss. All the more painful because, that it happened quite unexpectedly. Message that, a 57-year died known to several generations of Belarusians athlete - not just people who took twice the highest sporting gold, but wholly devoted her life to the sport, do a lot to support the aspirations of young athletes Prinemanya, it was just hard to believe.

He was gone 6 April, and in the day of the funeral almost endless stream of people carrying flowers and wreaths at the Ice Palace, to have time to say goodbye to a legend of Belarusian sports. Two-time Olympic champion in weightlifting, teacher and coach, honorary citizen of the city of Grodno was often called "the Belarusian Hercules". A native of Grodno, he is in 1987 year in a push could raise a record weight - 260 kilograms. And at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and in the following - four years later - in Spain appeared in the heavyweight division and categorically became a champion.
Praising Belarus at international competitions, He wrote brilliant pages in the history of the Olympic Movement. He devoted his life to the development of sports and after a career completion. When you have finished speaking to 35 years old, two-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion, World Cup winner, two-time European champion Alexander Kurlovich became the arbiter of the international category. For a long time he was a member of the executive committee of the National Olympic Committee, He served as director of the NOC Belarus Representative Office in Grodno region, He was a member of the executive committees of the European and the International Weightlifting Federation.
On the example of Alexander Nikolayevich grew more than one generation of Belarusian athletes, and in the thick of the sporting life he was, even stepping down from the platform. He always had a lot of plans and ideas, aimed at the development of sport, - I told Head of Sports and Tourism of the regional executive committee Oleg Andreichik. - The best memory of the great athletes in this year will be held in Grodno license tournament in weightlifting, which will bear his name.
Reminded of eminent sportsmen, day after day in the near future will be one of the streets in the new district of the Grodno Grandichi. There will be street Kurlovich, and the wife of Alexander Nikolayevich considers it fair in life with gratitude for her husband's loyal love for his native Grodno.
He did not once offered jobs in other cities and countries, but the town of Neman its always a special relationship, - says Olga. - He liked to walk in the park Rumlevskom, but, making plans for the future, we often represented, as, hand in hand, will be a long time to spend time here is quite old.
Long pause in the conversation, which now and then knock out the rhythm of deep breaths companion - nothing, the pain of irreplaceable loss.
- I'll bet every, who believes, that there are no perfect people, – adds Olga Kurlovich. - Alexander was just such a - a man of incredible energy and decency. 33 years lived in perfect harmony. He had many friends around the world, but the last 20 years celebrated the New Year only together. At this time, life decided otherwise. In the New Year's Eve received congratulations from many friends and acquaintances and people, who respected his work, eg, head of the International Federation of weightlifting Thomas Ayan, and it was very nice.
With the same warm and remember to say about Grodno Olympic champion and his colleagues.
With Alexander Nikolayevich met another twenty boys. At the invitation of his trainer Peter Savitsky came to train in Grodno and the first meeting in the hall well remember. Alexander Kurlovich was already a world champion, but justifiable star none of the others did not notice. A few years after the first meeting, I was fortunate to be engaged under him. I think this is mainly superelevation in her career. While training programs for its athletes came from Israel and Sweden. Alexander Kurlovich literally felt like athletes and, as a result, sporting achievements multiplied by the laws of geometric progression. It was under his sport "guidance" I, eg, He became the champion of the USSR, – recalls at the same time student, colleague and friend Albert Timerbayev, deputy chairman of the regional federation of the public association "Belarusian Union of heavy athletics".
His life is as inextricably linked to weightlifting, and the most difficult stage after the departure of Alexander Kurlovich interlocutor was refereeing at competitions, where Chief Justice has consistently been a friend and mentor.
That's when Alexander Kurlovich Grodno has become the real capital of Belarus weightlifting, – says Albert Timerbayev. - With the 2013th in the city on the Neman, who immensely loved this man, passes the main heavy athletics start - national championship. And for the first time this fall, he did not begin with the parting words of Alexander Nikolayevich, and a moment of silence ...
Especially attentively Alexander Kurlovich applies not only to high performance sport, but also to the children, understanding, it is here that start out future champions. Only in the last three years in Grodno and Grodno region, with its help and support okrylis four halls for weightlifting - in secondary schools №39 and №40 of the regional center, in Vertelishki and Gozha.
- I remember, during the opening of one of the halls of Grodno Alexander said Kurlovich, that reap the benefits of the work done will be at least five years. But the "first sign" flew faster these forecasts. Just two years later one of the children's and youth sports school won the championship in Belarus Youth. Another productive figure - half the team of Grodno region, who participated in these competitions, It has been just as revealed in the last four years, weightlifting rooms, – Albert adds Timerbayev.
Everything, who was acquainted with Alexander Kurlovich, We knew him as a person open, ready to talk for hours about sports, and strict - he loved order in everything. And weight training did not leave even at home. Regularly picked up a barbell, even exchanged fifth ten life, and it is with sports gun preferred to park the car in the farthest parking lot, to be sure to take a walk before the trip.
About saturated and effectiveness of the sports past Alexander Kurlovich today not only tell friends and acquaintances. Tell of numerous victories pets photo, although, as an admitted wife athlete, He leafed through them infrequently.
- He did not like to be complacent, – says Olga Kurlovich. - But a special place in the house has always been given to Olympic gold.
As no one else she knows, what efforts and difficulty in life come to these awards and, Cherishing mash of her husband, waiting for, When will take its place in the annals of sport Grodno tournament, named after him.

A source: Catherine MOTEVICH (Grodno truth)

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