Viktar Shershukou: we are competitive

honors, won by Belarusian weightlifters at the recent world championships in Ashgabat, It became a wonderful occasion to assert unambiguously: national school of this sport continues to prepare athletes, ready to conquer the highest peaks. remind, that the men's team won three silver and two bronze medals, while in the bank female - one for each denomination.

The correspondent of "joint venture" took the opportunity of the arrival of the Belarusian delegation from Turkmenistan to talk with the head coach of the men's team, Viktor Shershukova. The main conclusion, learned from a conversation: no "sagging" after the removal of Belarus due to doping transgressions did not happen.

- Victor E., five medals and nine junior records in Ashgabat - the result of a more than decent?

- Some of Records, true, I still have in the course of the World Cup, but the results Eugene Tihontsova and Edward Zezyulin remain undefeated. This we never had. Even given the fact, that all previous achievements with the change of weight categories updated, It sets a very high standard. Very happy with our performance, because they lost only to China, beating Iran. In the "A" group were, can say, some Asians, of representatives of Europe was diluted with them almost everywhere Belarusians. Russians are "sunk", only one Artem Okulov confirmed the high grade. Kazakhstan team also does not shine. So our guys are competitive, and it is important.

- Due to what manages to be on a par with Asians?

- We have a good team of mentors. The first thing to note the most experienced tandem Michael and Victor Solodar Shershukova, which came out on the platform in the days of the USSR. Besides, there are young coaches, which are already beginning to assert itself. Senior coach Oleg Loban himself was repeated winner of the world, and conquer "silver" at the Youth World Cup. Will engage Valery Sizenko, let him and yet unverified. The fact, that the same Tihontsov and Maxim Mudrevsky - his students.

- What are the implications for themselves, for head coach, We have done in Ashgabat?

- So to speak, had seen, as it is now preparing athletes for so many forums in Iran and Armenia. This is the current trend in the world weightlifting. But the details will not go. In China, our sport has been so many people, how much is the population of Belarus. I think, here everything is clear. Belarusian option - good coaches, the best doctors, masseur. Big contribution is a complex scientific group. No guy, Besides Mudrevskogo, not injured. It costs a lot. Damage Maxim inveterate, pursues him for several competitions. injury not serious, but very distracting.

- Besides, there vnutrikomandnye competition ...

- This is a defining moment. We are saving each! Andrei Aramnau, Mikhail Avdeev. Misha's just finished. He gave a lot of advice to young children. I think, if there is one leader, and the rest are working on it, There will be nothing. Look at hockey "Dynamo". Good team, but if there were two or three would be the same ... It is a matter of competition. can say, that the men's team of Belarus in weightlifting has two staff - almost equal. Good young guys, but also the "old men" will not be charged. Keep them near him as long as possible, extending the age of sports. They do a lot of useful. Well, without the common efforts of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Belarusian weightlifting Union, Board of Trustees, RTSOP it would be incredibly difficult to stay on the leading positions. A native "bevy"! We are here home. Just give the example of Moldova, Athletes from which did not help due to a disqualification, which has undergone and the team of Belarus. We told them, breakwater, a year come. And we always believe.

Aryamnov He became only the ninth ...

- His speech, I was pleased with the. Yes, apparently, expected of him once outstanding performance, but to do it in four months it was nearly impossible. Of course, 215 kilos he had to take - then could count on six to fifth place. Then it would be a great result Andrew. It is not necessary to write off, if someone can think so. He's a great stimulus, as well as the Olympic champion still bring a lot of good colleagues and tightens reservists.

- How to evaluate children, and who spoke at the Youth European Championship, and in Ashgabat?

- On 101 mark. As well as his coaching staff. In Zamosc, not laying out, four became champions of Europe. A week added another eight or nine kilograms, and with it the weight made on a planetary forum. Everything was done very well tactically. The boys were not emasculated. You can in fact there was no tear veins, winning the continental championship, but the guys have continued to work hard still there, in Poland, and immediately made in Turkmenistan.

Vadzim Likharad I could "catch" for the "gold"?

- He is now one of the leading team. Trains so - God forbid anyone. Directly working with him Mikhail Solodar, who said before the World Cup: his muscles ready for medal. If the head is not fail - it would happen. The fact, that Vadim has a "pushed" the Chinese athlete. And there is a stock, because it is his weight category. Six months ago, he had an injury, but he recovered and now look brilliant. Just one point: Ashgabat fever has arrived with its own flag of Belarus. I went for a medal!

- BUT Paul Hodasevich?

- In the warm-up before the start of warming up the worst of all ... I Solodar look at each other and think: everything is lost. Came out on the platform - a completely different person! He did not waver in the fight against serious.

A source: "Sports Panorama".