Vadzim Likharad – bronze medalist of the European Championship

Vadzim Likharad, Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski (

Vadzim Likharad weight category 73 kg won the bronze medal – 335 kg (153+182).

In the first attempt in the snatch confidently took 153 kg. Alas, but with the second approach in 156 kg and the third in 157 kg Vadim deal failed. In this way, as a result of a breakthrough reeling won the silver medal.

At the push of our athletes at the first attempt 176 not counted kg. However, the second attempt to cope with this weight. The final approach was successful for reeling – 182 kg. Following the results of the push he became the 4th.

Bozhidar Andreev won from Bulgaria – 345 kg (153+192). Second place went to the BRIC Chalya Albania – 339 kg (156+183).

Unfortunately, another representative of the Belarusian team Ivan Klim after the first approach in the snatch injured. However, in spite of the damage, our athlete will attempt “clean” – 140 kg. According to the results leap he took 10th place.

Ivan Klim, Photo by Dzmitry Hrybouski (

Tomorrow, the fifth day of competition, at the European Championship in Georgia will perform just three Belarusian athlete. AT 17.00 bronze medalist of the European Championship in Split-2017 Anastasia Mihalenko will compete for awards in the weight category up 71 kg. And in 19.30 weight category 81 kg in men on the platform will be released Igor Lozka and Peter Asaonok, which will debut in adult continental forums.

After the fourth day of competition in the asset team of Belarus three awards in Nordic combined. Previously, he became the champion of Europe Henadz Laptseu , and won the bronze Yuliya Asayonak .