In Novopolotsk said goodbye to Viktor Shershukov

yesterday, 9 October, at the stadium “Atlas” in Novopolotsk said goodbye to the head coach of the men's national weightlifting team Victor Shershukova. His disciples also came to accompany their mentor to the last: Andrei Aramnau , Vadzim Straltsou, Anna Batyushko, Gennady OLESHCHUK, Eugene Tihontsov, Henadz Laptseu , Ruslan Novikov, Gennady Mahveenya, Eduard ZIAZIULIN, Peter Asaonok, Andrew Eaglet, Paul Hodasevich, Sergei Sharenkov and many other outstanding weightlifters. Famous representatives from other sports came to the farewell ceremony, including Olympic champion in canoeing Dmitry Dovgalonok and medalist of the Games, athlete Vadim Devyatovsky.

On this sad day, many kind words were said to Viktor Shershukov. In memory of a dear person, we would also like to add some lines.

Viktor Evgenievich really became the most outstanding coach in the history of Belarusian weightlifting. But at the same time, he was humble and, first of all, praised his students, not yourself. For a long time in the national team, Viktor Shershukov was on the sidelines, but they, who knew him well, We have seen: main here – he! And when it's time to officially lead the country's men's national team, the coach gave himself without a trace. And absolutely everything, what did you love. And there was Victor Evgenievich (how unusual and painful it is to write about him in the past tense!) a man with a huge heart and great soul. He gave everything to others, myself – nothing. maybe, such sincere love and did not leave physical strength in him. Always saved others, and myself, Unfortunately, – I can't…

I would also like to say about the help of Viktor Evgenievich to our team. For two years, he developed the project with great desire and moved it at all levels., supported all our endeavors. After all, the main thing for him has always been his favorite barbell., and he wanted to popularize our favorite sport as much as possible. There were many more ideas, which he did not have time to implement. Therefore, we all together need to continue his work.. Unite in these difficult moments without your long-term leader and become even stronger!

Thank you for everything, dear Victor Evgenievich! You will forever remain in our hearts…

The press service of the national team